Simply Lippy Challenge Day 317 | Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Shade 436, Birthday Suit

Sleek is one of those budget friendly brands that surprises me every time I try their products. Overall throughout the year, I’ve been a big fan of their lipsticks, and these matte lip creams are no exception.

Today’s choice is a nude caramel shade, Birthday Suit, and I really liked the subtlety of the shade. It’s a great option for a day when you don’t want anything too dramatic, but still want a good pop of colour.

The pigment is good, but maybe not quite as good in this shade as some of the darker shades I’ve tried from the range, like Bittersweet which gave a slightly fuller coverage than this. Having said that, the coverage was still very good and the colour pay off wasn’t bad either.

As matte formulas go, this is definitely one of the wetter ones, but once it dries in it leaves a nice smooth finish. It’s not hydrating or moisturising, and my lips did start to feel a little dry come the afternoon which is the only (very small) downside to it.

I don’t think I love this quite as much as theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes or Smashbox’s Always On Liquid, but, for a budget buy, it’s definitely one of the better options and the staying power is really brilliant.

What’s your favourite liquid matte lippy?

Sorcha đź’‹

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