Simply Lippy Challenge Day 318| Lancôme Liquid Cream Lipstick in Shade 110

The other day I realised something, I’ve gone though nearly a whole year of my lipstick challenge and haven’t worn one single lippy from Lancôme. I couldn’t believe it, mainly because I really like Lancôme as a brand and over the years, have loved any lipsticks I’ve tried from them.

Thankfully when routing through some old presses, I came across this one which was a pass on from my mum. It’s an oldie so I can’t find out the name of the shade, or the specific range it came from, but I know one thing and that is, that I love it.

The red is a slightly cool toned red with a very subtle hint of a raspberry undertone, and though it’s not as warm toned as I would usually go for, the pigment is so gorgeous it’s hard not to like it.

The coverage is medium to full, and the colour payoff is excellent; I only needed a very light layer when applying. The consistency is thick and quite vinyl like which makes it feel very luxurious on the lips, and it blends like a dream too.

The finish is much more glossy than I initially expected it to be, and probably a little more glossy than I would have preferred, but having said that, the lasting power is pretty good, even for a gloss.

By the looks of things this lippy is no longer available, or maybe the packaging has just changed. But it’s definitely made me want to try out some more Lancôme lippies before the year is out!

What’s your favourite high end lipstick brand? Are you a Lancôme fan?!

Sorcha 💋

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