Simply Lippy Challenge Day 323 | Clinique Rouge Impact Lipstick in Shade 12, Red

I don’t often wear Clinique lipsticks, but of the few that I’ve tried this year, I generally quite like them. I’m also a huge fan of their chubby stick colour lip crayons which I’m sure my regular readers will already know. I just love them!

Apart from the chubby sticks however, I think today’s lippy is my favourite of all that I’ve tried.

From the Rouge Impact collection, this lipstick is incredibly creamy and feels so moisturising on your lips. It is very hydrating, almost in a balm-like way, and makes your lips feel very smooth.

The pigment is excellent with great colour pay off, and I love this bright red shade which has a slightly warm undertone. Warm reds have always been my favourite over cooler tones, but this shade has a nice in between tone for those who like both.

The satin-gloss finish makes the colour pop even more, and although the finish has a slight gloss to it, the staying power is very good, mainly because the texture is so thick and creamy.

Sometimes you just need to don a red lip, and I loved how this one felt today. It wore really well and kept my lips feeling soft all day.

Sorcha 💋

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