Simply Lippy Challenge Day 324 | NYX Butter Lipstick in Shade BLS02, Sweet Tart

Of all the NYX lipsticks that I’ve tried over the past year, their Butter Lipsticks are one of my favorites. I first tried one of the shades from this range back in June in a lovely pink rose shade, Staycation, and have tried several other shades since, all of which I’ve really liked.

Today’s shade is a very pink shade, and not my favorite compared to the others. I actually expected it to be more raspberry than it is, but aside from that, the formula is as good as ever and feels so nice on the lips.

The formula of these lipsticks is very creamy, and it has a lovely smooth texture that makes it very easy to apply. The consistency isn’t too thick or thin, and because of that it blends well without dragging or pulling any of the colour.

The finish is a satin gloss, and as I’m sure many of you know, that’s not my usual preference when it comes to a lippy finish. However, the creamy element makes up for that, which is why I like these so much.

The pigment and colour pay off are good, but as the finish is slightly sheer, it’s not as good as what you’d find in a matte or cream finish formula.

Though I like this formula, it’s not my favourite shade, and I definitely prefer others that I’ve tried previously. But if you’re a fan of pink lippies then it might be for you!

Sorcha 💋

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