Simply Lippy Challenge Day 330 | Sleek Lip VIP Semi-Matte Lipstick in Shade 1003, Backstage

This Lip VIP collection from Sleek is one of my favourites, if not my favourite of all the Sleek lipsticks. I love cream and matte finish lipsticks, and this has the best of both worlds by being semi-matte.

The last shade I tried, Show Off, was a gorgeous autumnal brown shade that’s perfect for this time of year. Today’s shade however, is a little more summery, as it’s a bright creamy coral but I’m loving it nonetheless!

The formula is so creamy on these lipsticks; it has a super smooth texture that is moisturising and hydrating, making it very easy to both apply and blend.

The pigment is bold with excellent colour pay off, and you get a gorgeous full coverage finish from just one layer. I have to admit, I do love full coverage lipsticks and that’s one of the big reasons why I like this so much.

The matte element to it makes the staying power pretty good, and you won’t need to reapply it too much during the day. It’s not as good as a full matte or liquid matte because of the creaminess, but I really can’t fault it either because it’s one of the best cream finishes for lasting power that I’ve tried.

I really loved the shade of this today and I can’t wait for spring to arrive so I can get lots more wear out of it! What do you guys think?

Sorcha 💋

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