Simply Lippy Challenge Day 326 | Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in Shade 240, Hey Nude…

I’m sure you all know by now that the Ultimate Colour lipstick range from Catrice is my favourite of all the collections they have. The lipsticks have a gorgeous creamy texture and the pigment is brilliant too.

Today’s shade is a very nude shade, unfortunately I thought it was going to be a bit darker when I bought it, but it’s paler than expected and not my favourite shade.

If I had known how pale it would be, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to wear it after yesterday’s equally pale shade from Paese. But, in the interests of my challenge, as always I wore it for the day and although I didn’t like the shade, the formula was as good as usual.

The creamy texture makes this lipstick very moisturising, and it has a lovely smooth finish that feels very nice to wear. The finish is a satin cream, probably slightly more cream, and the pigment isn’t too bad given the pale colour.

The staying power was okay, not as good as it usually is with these lipsticks, but that’s more to do with the fact that the colour is so pale.

Overall it’s not my favourite Catrice lippy, so I think I’ll just stick to their bolder and brighter colours from now on.

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 325 | Paese Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick in Shade 706

Paese is a brand I don’t know too much about other than the fact that it recently launched in Ireland. I’ve seen a couple of fellow bloggers talking about it recently, and therefore, have been interested to try it out to see what it’s like.

As a result, for today’s challenge choice, I decided to wear this matte liquid lipstick from the brand and put it to the test.

The shade to start with, is a very nude shade, and to be honest, it’s probably a little too pale for me. It almost blanks out the lips completely so really, you’d need to wear a lip liner with it in order to give your lips some definition.

Aside from the color however, I was quite impressed with the formula. It was creamy and quite vinyl like, and felt very smooth on my lips throughout the day. The brush head is small and flexible which makes the product very easy to apply, and the creamy texture makes it easy to blend also.

The pigment is a funny one because it was hard to judge given the extreme paleness of the shade. It’s okay, and the colour pay off is okay too, but I’d like to try it in a darker shade to get a better idea of how good is really is because I don’t think this shade does it justice.

Regards finish, to me, this was more of a liquid cream than a liquid matte. It didn’t really dry in after it was applied in the way you’d expect a liquid matte to dry, but in all honesty, I kind of like the formula as it is so I didn’t mind that too much.

Overall I think this is okay. I don’t love it, but I do think I would like it a lot more in bolder or darker shade as formula itself feels very nice to wear.

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 324 | NYX Butter Lipstick in Shade BLS02, Sweet Tart

Of all the NYX lipsticks that I’ve tried over the past year, their Butter Lipsticks are one of my favorites. I first tried one of the shades from this range back in June in a lovely pink rose shade, Staycation, and have tried several other shades since, all of which I’ve really liked.

Today’s shade is a very pink shade, and not my favorite compared to the others. I actually expected it to be more raspberry than it is, but aside from that, the formula is as good as ever and feels so nice on the lips.

The formula of these lipsticks is very creamy, and it has a lovely smooth texture that makes it very easy to apply. The consistency isn’t too thick or thin, and because of that it blends well without dragging or pulling any of the colour.

The finish is a satin gloss, and as I’m sure many of you know, that’s not my usual preference when it comes to a lippy finish. However, the creamy element makes up for that, which is why I like these so much.

The pigment and colour pay off are good, but as the finish is slightly sheer, it’s not as good as what you’d find in a matte or cream finish formula.

Though I like this formula, it’s not my favourite shade, and I definitely prefer others that I’ve tried previously. But if you’re a fan of pink lippies then it might be for you!

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 323 | Clinique Rouge Impact Lipstick in Shade 12, Red

I don’t often wear Clinique lipsticks, but of the few that I’ve tried this year, I generally quite like them. I’m also a huge fan of their chubby stick colour lip crayons which I’m sure my regular readers will already know. I just love them!

Apart from the chubby sticks however, I think today’s lippy is my favourite of all that I’ve tried.

From the Rouge Impact collection, this lipstick is incredibly creamy and feels so moisturising on your lips. It is very hydrating, almost in a balm-like way, and makes your lips feel very smooth.

The pigment is excellent with great colour pay off, and I love this bright red shade which has a slightly warm undertone. Warm reds have always been my favourite over cooler tones, but this shade has a nice in between tone for those who like both.

The satin-gloss finish makes the colour pop even more, and although the finish has a slight gloss to it, the staying power is very good, mainly because the texture is so thick and creamy.

Sometimes you just need to don a red lip, and I loved how this one felt today. It wore really well and kept my lips feeling soft all day.

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 322 | Penneys PS… Matte Lip Kit in Shade, Punked

If you’ve been following my challenge up to now, I’m sure you will have already seen one of my reviews on the Penneys’ PS matte lip kits. Of all the Penneys lip products that I’ve tried in the past year, they are without a doubt one of my favourites, simply because the pigment is incredible.

For today I decided not to wear the lip liner and instead, went straight for the liquid lipstick. I’m just not a big liner person, and to be honest, the shade is so bold and dramatic, I really didn’t think I needed it. The applicator is also quite fine on these liquid lipsticks which allows you to get a very precise application.

As the shade is so dark, I paired it with a barely there makeup look; just foundation, blusher and a lick of mascara. It’s definitely one of those shades where the rest of your makeup needs to take a back seat to your lips and though it might have been a little too dark, even for me, I still kinda loved it!

The pigment is incredible as I’m sure you can tell from the photos, and the colour pay off is equally as good. You only need a very small amount to get a full, opaque coverage, and once it dries it leaves nice smooth matte finish on the lips.

As it’s a liquid matte formula, it’s quite wet when you first apply it and isn’t hydrating or moisturising so don’t be expecting any creaminess to it if you’re wearing it. However, it doesn’t dry out the lips and it wears pretty well during the day without cracking or flaking off.

It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea I know, and I’m sure I got a few funny looks while walking around during the day, but let’s be honest, that’s never stopped me before when it comes to a bold lip!

What do you think about a shade like this? Are you brave enough to go bold?! I think next time I wear this, I might save it for a night out on the town, rather than a Sunday wandering around the shops.

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 321 | Catrice Ultimate Matt Lipstick in Shade 050, Taupeless In Love

It’s no secret by now that I love Catrice lipsticks; I have lost count of the amount I’ve worn throughout the year, and they almost never fail to impress me. Of course, there are some I like more than others, but this one today is another gem that I’m really loving.

The Ultimate Colour range is gorgeous and I’ve worn several lipsticks from it, but today’s lippy is one of their matte versions which I hadn’t tried before.

When I first looked at it, I thought it might be a bit dry as the bullet texture looks very matte initially. However, as with most Catrice lipsticks, it has a lovely creamy element to it that makes it feel very smooth on the lips while still having a matte finish.

The finish is matte like I mentioned, but not super matte, so it is very blendable and easy to wear. The pigment is bold and rich, and although this shade wouldn’t usually be one I’d reach to, I completely fell in love with the grey brown undertone and loved wearing it.

There’s something quite sultry about wearing a shade like this, particularly on a freezing cold winter day, and I definitely see myself wearing it again.

Have you tried any Catrice lipsticks? If so, what do you think?

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 320| Barry M Matte Me Up Matte Liquid Lip Paint in Shade, Pop Up

Throughout my challenge so far, I’ve only worn one Barry M lip product, one of their Matte Me Up lip kits in a gorgeous rose berry shade, Runway. My first impressions of both the liner and matte lipstick were very good, and so I decided to try out another of their liquid matte paints today.

Today’s shade is the same product as what was in the lip kit, only this time I bought it on its own as I’m not a huge user of lip liners. I probably should use them more, but I never really got into the habit even though I’m obsessed with all things lipstick!

This lippy is a liquid matte as I mentioned above, and it has a very wet formula. At first I thought it would be too wet to give a full, opaque coverage but that wasn’t the case at all.

It blends easily, with no dragging or pulling on the colour, and once it dries in, it leaves a very smooth matte finish with incredible staying power.

Because it’s so wet, there is no hydration or moisturising element to it, so if your lips are in any way dry, you might need to prime them before wearing this, or apply some balm later in the day. Having said that, I suffer from very dry lips and didn’t find it too drying at all.

Both the pigment and shade are just gorgeous, and the colour pay off is excellent too. A little will really gone a long way with this, so that’s always a plus for me.

If you’re a liquid lip fan and in the market for a new budget buy, then this could definitely be worth checking out. It’s not my favourite liquid matte, but I did enjoy wearing it.

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 319 | elf Cosmetics Lip Colour in Shade, Mulberry Maven

You may recall a few weeks back, I tried out my first lip product from elf Cosmetics which launched in Ireland at the beginning of Autumn. Given the budget price point of the brand, I was very impressed by the formula and because of that, have been looking forward to trying another.

While the last shade I tried, Tea Rose, was a soft mauve, today’s shade is much more my usual autumnal choice; a gorgeous deep berry shade that I just adore. The tone is rich and the colour is exactly the kind of berry colour that I love.

The lippy is a thin lip pencil, and initially you think it’s more of a liner than lipstick, but as soon as you apply it, it feels like any other lip crayon and blends so easily onto the lips.

The thinner pencil allows you to line the lips first then you can fill in the rest of the lips easily for a very precise, smooth application. The coverage is medium with a satin finish, and the colour pay off is excellent.

Vitamin A, E and C make it very moisturising to wear, and though it’s not to most hydrating lip crayon that I’ve worn, it does leave your lips feeling soft and smooth while you wear it.

The staying power is good, not great, but it wears well and doesn’t crack or dry out on the lips. You will need to reapply this, especially as it’s a bolder shade, but if you don’t mind about longevity then otherwise this is a great bargain buy.

I’ve yet to try any other products from elf, but given how impressed I’ve been with these two lippies, I’m pretty sure I’m going to like some of their other makeup too.

As always I will keep you posted once I try them out!

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 318| Lanc么me Liquid Cream Lipstick in Shade 110

The other day I realised something, I’ve gone though nearly a whole year of my lipstick challenge and haven’t worn one single lippy from Lanc么me. I couldn’t believe it, mainly because I really like Lanc么me as a brand and over the years, have loved any lipsticks I’ve tried from them.

Thankfully when routing through some old presses, I came across this one which was a pass on from my mum. It’s an oldie so I can’t find out the name of the shade, or the specific range it came from, but I know one thing and that is, that I love it.

The red is a slightly cool toned red with a very subtle hint of a raspberry undertone, and though it’s not as warm toned as I would usually go for, the pigment is so gorgeous it’s hard not to like it.

The coverage is medium to full, and the colour payoff is excellent; I only needed a very light layer when applying. The consistency is thick and quite vinyl like which makes it feel very luxurious on the lips, and it blends like a dream too.

The finish is much more glossy than I initially expected it to be, and probably a little more glossy than I would have preferred, but having said that, the lasting power is pretty good, even for a gloss.

By the looks of things this lippy is no longer available, or maybe the packaging has just changed. But it’s definitely made me want to try out some more Lanc么me lippies before the year is out!

What’s your favourite high end lipstick brand? Are you a Lanc么me fan?!

Sorcha 馃拫

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 317 | Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Shade 436, Birthday Suit

Sleek is one of those budget friendly brands that surprises me every time I try their products. Overall throughout the year, I’ve been a big fan of their lipsticks, and these matte lip creams are no exception.

Today’s choice is a nude caramel shade, Birthday Suit, and I really liked the subtlety of the shade. It’s a great option for a day when you don’t want anything too dramatic, but still want a good pop of colour.

The pigment is good, but maybe not quite as good in this shade as some of the darker shades I’ve tried from the range, like Bittersweet which gave a slightly fuller coverage than this. Having said that, the coverage was still very good and the colour pay off wasn’t bad either.

As matte formulas go, this is definitely one of the wetter ones, but once it dries in it leaves a nice smooth finish. It’s not hydrating or moisturising, and my lips did start to feel a little dry come the afternoon which is the only (very small) downside to it.

I don’t think I love this quite as much as theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes or Smashbox’s Always On Liquid, but, for a budget buy, it’s definitely one of the better options and the staying power is really brilliant.

What’s your favourite liquid matte lippy?

Sorcha 馃拫