Simply Lippy Challenge Day 334 | Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Shade, Bacca

After trying out my first shade in my new Stila trio set on Wednesday, today I decided to try out my second shade, which is one of the most gorgeous reds I have tried this year so far. It’s cool toned so not my usual go-to, but the pigment is so rich I’ve completely fallen in love with it.

It’s no secret that I love red lipsticks, you just can’t beat a gorgeous red, especially at this time of year and a liquid matte version as good as this one, makes it all the more better.

If you caught my last review on shade Patina the other day, you will know that I’ve been so impressed with these liquid formulas. Apart from having incredible pigment, the colour pay off is brilliant too, and gives a full matte, opaque coverage to your lips.

The thing I like most about this lippy is that although quite wet when you first apply it, it has a very creamy formula which feels very moisturising on your lips. It dries in quickly to leave a super matte finish, but the finish isn’t drying or dehydrating even for very dry lips like mine.

When it comes to liquid matte formulas, they really do have the best staying power of any lipstick. However, a lot of them can wear badly with the colour flaking or cracking on your lips which let’s face it, isn’t a good look for anyone. With these however, the colour stays in place so well, keeping a lovely smooth finish throughout the day.

No matter what you eat or drink, this will barely budge off your lips unless of course you want it to. So if hassle free lipsticks are your thing then a liquid matte like this could be your answer. And this shade is an especially good choice for the Christmas period especially if you have lot of fun festive parties coming up.

Sorcha 💋

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