Simply Lippy Challenge Day 338 | MAC Frost Lipstick in Shade, Tease Maker

Today’s lipstick shade is the final shade from my MAC mini snowball lipstick set which I bought in the airport last week. While the first two shades, Love Buddy and Dangerously Red, were matte shades, this shade is a frost shade, and not one of my favourites I must admit.

If you’ve been following my challenge for the year, you’ll already know that frost finishes are my least favourite of all. I’m not much of a shimmer person, and frost finishes just remind me of bad lipstick choices from the late 80s!

Having said that, this shade does have a slight metallic look to it which I didn’t mind, and while I’m wearing it on its own for the purposes of the challenge, I think it would be best worn on top of a deeper shade to add an extra dimension finish.

The formula of this isn’t anywhere as creamy as other MAC finishes, and therefore the lasting power isn’t as good either. It is soft on the lips and relatively moisturising, but doesn’t have that same rich texture that I usually love in a MAC lippy.

As frost finishes go, it’s not the worst I’ve tried, and the pigment surprisingly, is pretty good considering. You definitely get a hint of pink when you apply it, so that one thing to like about it at least.

I don’t love it and I doubt I will wear it again on its own. But if you like a shimmer lip, then this could be right up your street.

Sorcha 💋

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