Simply Lippy Challenge Day 339 | H&M Lip Collection Lip Gloss in Shade, Chestnut

I think one of my favourite things about my challenge so far, has been those moments where a lipstick has completely surprised me. Given that I’ve tried and worn 338 lippies already this year, it doesn’t often happen anymore, but today it did!

As it’s Christmas, a lot of brands have been releasing lipstick sets and I came across this one from H&M the other day. I’ve never tried any H&M beauty products before now, but as the shades in the set looked so nice, I decided to buy it and put them to the test.

In all honesty, I didn’t have very high hopes for this at all, but I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised for many reasons.

The gloss texture is rich and creamy, with an almost vinyl-like feel to it that is lovely and smooth. It is thick but very blendable, and also has a gorgeous caramel scent which I loved.

The shade itself is a gorgeous warm rose shade with incredible pigment, and I loved how good the colour pay off was too. When I applied it, it didn’t drag or pull the colour underneath, and I loved the smooth finish of it too.

It takes a lot for me to like a lip gloss so you can imagine my surprise at really loving this one today. While it’s not the most hydrating lippy, it wasn’t drying, and my lips felt soft all day while I wore it.

There are five mini lipsticks in the set and after today’s experience, I can’t wait to try the rest. The paler shades may not have as good a pigment, but as always, I’ll keep you posted when I try them out!

Sorcha 💋

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