Simply Lippy Challenge Day 340 | Penneys PS… Colour Intense Lipstick in Shade, Ambition

You all know by now how impressed I’ve been with the Penneys beauty range over the past year, particularly their lipsticks. Over and over again, I try different shades and formulas, and for the most part, I really like them. But some, like today’s, I absolutely love!

This lippy is from a range I haven’t tried before but I like it for so many reasons. Firstly, the shade itself is a gorgeous orange toned red; the kind of shade that I’m always drawn to especially at this time of year. It has incredible pigment and the colour pay off is also excellent; as soon as you apply it you get brilliant pop of colour that blends so easily on the lips.

The formula is creamy and very balm-like, with a lovely smooth texture. The balm element to it is very moisturising and my lips felt instantly softer as soon as I applied it which doesn’t often happen with budget lipsticks.

Because of its balm like element, the finish has a slight gloss to it and while that isn’t usually my preferred finish in a lipstick, I do really like it in a balm. It gives a lovely shine to the lips that you wouldn’t get with other finishes and adds an extra dimension to the colour too.

The only downside to a gloss finish however, is the lasting power. Gloss or high shine finishes never have the same staying ability as that of a cream or matte, so you do have to be prepared to top up and reapply throughout the day. Having said that, the staying power isn’t too bad at all with this, and it wears off pretty well without cracking on the lips.

Overall, I love the brightness of the shade and definitely see myself wearing it again. My lips felt so soft all day so it’s also a great option for anyone who suffers from dry lips, especially with all the cold weather we’re having now.

Have you tried any Penneys’ lippies yet?

Sorcha 💋

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