Simply Lippy Challenge Day 344 | H&M Lip Collection Lip Gloss in Shade, Beige

Today’s lippy is another gloss from the mini lip collection set I bought in H&M last week. Of all the shades in the set, I knew it would be my least favourite because it has almost no pigment, and I was right.

It’s not the kind of lip shade I’d usually wear; for me if I’m wearing something this pale I’d just wear a balm instead. So in terms of the colour, it’s not really my thing.

The pigment is barely there; you do get a lovely gloss finish when you apply but it doesn’t add anything extra in terms of colour or drama. But, it’s a nude gloss and that’s to be expected from a shade like this.

The formula was as nice as the previous shades I’ve tried and it did have a lovely smooth texture which kept my lips soft and smooth during the day. It’s not hydrating, but not drying either, and as glosses go, it’s pretty good.

My favourite thing about this range of glosses is the delicious caramel scent which keeps surprising me every time I use one of them. It’s not sickly and definitely makes me like them a little bit more!

I don’t think this will be a regular in my makeup bag going forward, but if you like a clear gloss on your lips then it’s a great bargain option.

Sorcha đź’‹

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