Simply Lippy Challenge Day 347 | H&M Lip Collection Lip Gloss in Shade, Maroon

If you’ve caught some of my posts over the last week, you’ll have seen me writing about this set of mini lip glosses that I picked up in H&M. There are five in the packet and while two of them wouldn’t usually be my choice of shade, the shades that I do like, I absolutely love.

Today’s shade, Maroon, is probably my favourite shade of all, mainly because it is a gorgeous winter berry shade, and you all know I love a berry lip.

The finish on this shade isn’t as full or opaque as some of the others; it is more sheer than anything else, yet the pigment is bold and colour pay off is very good. A light layer gives great coverage, and the colour is fab too!

The formula like with all the others, is thick and rich, and very easy to apply. It blends well, has a nice smooth texture and smells just as delicious as all the others.

The lasting power isn’t amazing, it’s fine but does need to be reapplied after eating or drinking. And as it was a very windy day, I did notice a little stickiness which I hadn’t notice before and found a little annoying.

Having said that, I had a girly day out today with some of my girls and it was the perfect lippy choice for a festive day out. I loved wearing it and it’s definitely going to stay in my makeup bag to use once my challenge is over.

Sorcha πŸ’‹

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 346 | H&M Lip Collection Lip Gloss in Shade, Pink

Today’s lippy is another pick from my H&M mini lipstick set and one that I would never normally wear. But, for the purposes of trying as many shades as possible for my challenge, today I donned this very pink, pink lip.

I’m not a fan of this kind of pink, it’s just not me at all and I’m sure most of you already know that I prefer bolder colours overall. However, as with most of the other glosses in this set, I have to admit that this does have great pigment.

The finish is a medium to full coverage which I was surprised by given the gloss finish and the paleness of the shade. However, the colour pay off is good and it layers very well too.

As with the other lip glosses, the formula is quite thick with a nice texture, and it makes your lips feel smooth when you apply it. It isn’t drying, but it’s not hydrating either so you won’t get any moisturising element from it. But, given that it’s a gloss, that’s to be expected.

For me I wouldn’t wear the shade again because I’m really not a fan so I suppose the set isn’t great in that regard. However, given how budget friendly it is, one bad shade out of five really isn’t bad. Plus, it would make a great stocking filler for any lippy lover!

Sorcha πŸ’‹

Review: IsaDora Stretch Lash Mascara

IsaDora is a brand that I’ve always heard good things about, but until recently, it had been a long time since I used any of their products. You may remember however, a few weeks back they relaunched in Ireland and I was very kindly invited along to the launch party to discover some of their latest and greatest products.

At the event we were given a goody bag of products, one of which was their Liquid Lip Cream which I wore on Day 275 of my Simply Lippy challenge and loved. And another product we were given, was this new Stretch Lash Mascara which I also am loving.

The brand describe this as a ‘mascara with a twist‘ and when they say with a twist, they mean it quite literally! It’s unlike any mascara I’ve used before because the applicator head twists and expands to give both a long and a short brush for a very precise application.

First things first, the brush head is silicone with very fine needles, and over the past while, I’ve become a big fan of this kind of mascara brush. I find product doesn’t clump as easily on the finer needles, and it also helps to distribute the product thinly and more evenly over the lashes. So straight off, that’s a big plus for me.

But what I really love about this, is the volume it gives. I start by extending the brush to it’s longest length and applying all over the lashes. Then, after leaving it for a couple of seconds to dry in, I twist the brush to it’s shortest length and go over my lashes a second time.

The shorter brush allows you to cover every single lash, giving more volume to the root and thickening your lashes in the process. What’s more, you can then use the shorter brush to cover your bottom lashes without worrying about the product transferring on to your face.

The pigment is very black, exactly the way I like it as I don’t tend to wear mascara in any other colour. The formula itself is light enough that you can easily build up the mascara, which in turn allows you to have either a natural coverage or full, dramatic coverage depending on what makeup look you’re going for.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is gimmicky, but in all honesty, it’s really not. It works so well and has become a go-to for me over the past few weeks.

Sorcha x

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 345 | elf Cosmetics Velvet Matte Lipstick in Shade, Blushing Brown

I’m sure many of you will know by now that elf Cosmetics finally launched in Ireland a few months back. So far, I’ve managed to try a few of their different lip colour crayons, all of which have been pretty nice. Today however, for something different, I decided to try a shade from their velvet matte range.

You all know how much I love a matte lip, and a cream matte lip is even better so I was very excited to give this a try. All the elf lipsticks I’ve tried up to now have been relatively creamy, but this one is definitely a cut above the others. There is a lovely richness to the formula that is so smooth, making application very easy.

The pigment is bold and strong, and though I wasn’t initially sure about the shade itself, it grew on me during the day and I ended up loving it. It has a rich brown, warm undertone with great colour pay off, and it wore very well throughout the day.

Because of the cream matte finish, the staying power was very good, and though I did need to reapply after lunch, it held up pretty well overall. There is no flakiness with it, and it kept my lips moisturised and soft during the day.

I have been so impressed by these lipsticks given their budget price point, but today’s shade is definitely my favourite so far. I’ve yet to try any of their other products, but given how much I like these, I’m excited to try some out.

As always, I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, if you’ve tried any elf products then I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sorcha πŸ’‹

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 344 | H&M Lip Collection Lip Gloss in Shade, Beige

Today’s lippy is another gloss from the mini lip collection set I bought in H&M last week. Of all the shades in the set, I knew it would be my least favourite because it has almost no pigment, and I was right.

It’s not the kind of lip shade I’d usually wear; for me if I’m wearing something this pale I’d just wear a balm instead. So in terms of the colour, it’s not really my thing.

The pigment is barely there; you do get a lovely gloss finish when you apply but it doesn’t add anything extra in terms of colour or drama. But, it’s a nude gloss and that’s to be expected from a shade like this.

The formula was as nice as the previous shades I’ve tried and it did have a lovely smooth texture which kept my lips soft and smooth during the day. It’s not hydrating, but not drying either, and as glosses go, it’s pretty good.

My favourite thing about this range of glosses is the delicious caramel scent which keeps surprising me every time I use one of them. It’s not sickly and definitely makes me like them a little bit more!

I don’t think this will be a regular in my makeup bag going forward, but if you like a clear gloss on your lips then it’s a great bargain option.

Sorcha πŸ’‹

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 343 | Catrice Metal Matte Liquid Lip Powder in Shade 020, Frame of Roses

As much as I really adore Catrice lipsticks, I had no idea what to expect from this latest edition to their range. Metallic lips have been a big trend this year so no surprises there, but what really intrigued me about this was the fact that it calls itself a lip powder.

As always, the intrigue only heightened my want to know more, so I bought one and put it to the test today. But to be honest, I’m totally confused about whether I like it or not.

The pigment was nowhere near as bold or strong as I thought it would be given the intense colour you see in the bottle. When I applied it, it had a very subtle tint, almost like a sheer finish except when it dried it was completely matte.

The matte element I loved; it dried smoothly and felt very soft on the lips, and ultimately made the staying power pretty good. It kept its metallic sheen even when it dried in, and it definitely gave the lipstick another dimension to what you’d get from an average matte finish.

Given the metallic and almost shimmery formula, you just don’t expect a matte feel or look with this at all and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was easy to wear and very comfortable too.

So, there are lots of positives and I really wanted to love it but I can’t get my head around the colour. I was hoping for a bold rose gold punch with this, something with a real pop, and in that regard it just let me down.

It’s nice, it’s subtle and anyone could easily wear it. But it just didn’t quite hit the mark for me today.

Sorcha πŸ’‹

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 342 | IsaDora Lip Desire Sculpting Lipstick in Shade 66, Mulberry

Mulberry; a word that brings sweetness to my ears when it comes to lipstick! I’m sure most of my regular readers already know how much I adore a berry lip, and today’s lipstick choice is no exception.

I first tried an IsaDora lippy a few months back in the most stunning warm red shade, Loving Red, which I loved for so many reasons but mainly, because of the insanely good pigment.

Today’s lippy, though from a different range, has equally good pigment with brilliant colour pay off. The shade is bold, rich and just gorgeous, and I absolutely loved wearing it for my girls Christmas day and night out today.

The formula is creamy so it applies and blends very well, and though my lips are quite dry and cracked at the moment, the colour didn’t flake or drag at all.

It kept my lips feeling soft and smooth while I wore it, and while I did have to reapply it after dinner, the lasting power was still pretty good regardless.

The finish is a satin finish and because of that, I also loved the slight shine it brought to my lips during the day.

For me, it’s the perfect party lippy shade for the silly season and I’ll definitely be wearing it again in the future.

Sorcha πŸ’‹

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 341 | H&M Lip Collection Lip Gloss in Shade, Mauve

The other day I tried out one of these H&M lip glosses for the first time and was so impressed with it. I loved both the formula and pigment, both of which were such good quality for the budget price point.

As I bought it as part of a five mini lip gloss set, today I tried out my next shade in the set, this lovely soft mauve nude. To me it has more of a brown than mauve undertone, but it’s a lovely warm shade nonetheless.

The pigment on shade Chestnut which I wore the other day, was a lot more opaque than today’s, and I did have a feeling that might happen given that the colour isn’t as rich. It’s definitely got more of a sheer finish, but you do still get a soft hint of colour when you layer it up.

The formula is the same rich vinyl-like formula as before, and one thing I absolutely love about it, is the gorgeous caramel vanilla scent which quite honestly, smells delicious! It literally makes me want to eat it – but maybe that’s more the pregnancy hormones than anything else!

The texture is very smooth and is slightly on the thicker side which gives a good coverage to the lips and keeps them soft throughout the day.

The lasting power isn’t bad as glosses go, you will need to reapply throughout the day, but nothing more than I would expect from a gloss really.

As colour goes, the pigment was definitely better in the first shade I tried, but overall I quite liked this one again today and am very impressed by how well it wears too.

Have you tried any of the H&M beauty range?

Sorcha πŸ’‹

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 340 | Penneys PS… Colour Intense Lipstick in Shade, Ambition

You all know by now how impressed I’ve been with the Penneys beauty range over the past year, particularly their lipsticks. Over and over again, I try different shades and formulas, and for the most part, I really like them. But some, like today’s, I absolutely love!

This lippy is from a range I haven’t tried before but I like it for so many reasons. Firstly, the shade itself is a gorgeous orange toned red; the kind of shade that I’m always drawn to especially at this time of year. It has incredible pigment and the colour pay off is also excellent; as soon as you apply it you get brilliant pop of colour that blends so easily on the lips.

The formula is creamy and very balm-like, with a lovely smooth texture. The balm element to it is very moisturising and my lips felt instantly softer as soon as I applied it which doesn’t often happen with budget lipsticks.

Because of its balm like element, the finish has a slight gloss to it and while that isn’t usually my preferred finish in a lipstick, I do really like it in a balm. It gives a lovely shine to the lips that you wouldn’t get with other finishes and adds an extra dimension to the colour too.

The only downside to a gloss finish however, is the lasting power. Gloss or high shine finishes never have the same staying ability as that of a cream or matte, so you do have to be prepared to top up and reapply throughout the day. Having said that, the staying power isn’t too bad at all with this, and it wears off pretty well without cracking on the lips.

Overall, I love the brightness of the shade and definitely see myself wearing it again. My lips felt so soft all day so it’s also a great option for anyone who suffers from dry lips, especially with all the cold weather we’re having now.

Have you tried any Penneys’ lippies yet?

Sorcha πŸ’‹

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 339 | H&M Lip Collection Lip Gloss in Shade, Chestnut

I think one of my favourite things about my challenge so far, has been those moments where a lipstick has completely surprised me. Given that I’ve tried and worn 338 lippies already this year, it doesn’t often happen anymore, but today it did!

As it’s Christmas, a lot of brands have been releasing lipstick sets and I came across this one from H&M the other day. I’ve never tried any H&M beauty products before now, but as the shades in the set looked so nice, I decided to buy it and put them to the test.

In all honesty, I didn’t have very high hopes for this at all, but I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised for many reasons.

The gloss texture is rich and creamy, with an almost vinyl-like feel to it that is lovely and smooth. It is thick but very blendable, and also has a gorgeous caramel scent which I loved.

The shade itself is a gorgeous warm rose shade with incredible pigment, and I loved how good the colour pay off was too. When I applied it, it didn’t drag or pull the colour underneath, and I loved the smooth finish of it too.

It takes a lot for me to like a lip gloss so you can imagine my surprise at really loving this one today. While it’s not the most hydrating lippy, it wasn’t drying, and my lips felt soft all day while I wore it.

There are five mini lipsticks in the set and after today’s experience, I can’t wait to try the rest. The paler shades may not have as good a pigment, but as always, I’ll keep you posted when I try them out!

Sorcha πŸ’‹