Simply Lippy Challenge Day 313 | Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick in Shade 02, Flaming’rose

Today’s lippy choice is another of the gorgeous new Rouge Velvet lipsticks from Bourjois, and really, after my previous two reviews on this range, I’m sure this needs no introduction. I just love everything about them and they definitely are one of my favourite lipstick collections that I’ve tried this year.

Today’s shade is a pink rose shade, probably slightly more pink than anything, but once again, the pigment is very good. The opaque coverage gives a gorgeous finish to the lips, and the colour pay off is equally as good too. You only need a very light layer, and the smooth formula is very blendable.

One of the best things about these lipsticks for me however, is the creamy formula. For a matte finish, you really don’t expect them to be as creamy as they are, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they had a satin or cream finish when you first apply it.

However, after a few seconds, the formula dries in to leave a lovely soft matte finish with a super smooth texture that feels so nice to wear. It is moisturising, doesn’t dry out the lips, and the staying power is brilliant.

Several shades have been released in this new collection and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have every single one worn by the end of the year. I already know I’m going to wear these over and over again, and definitely recommend purchasing one to try out.

The price point, as with all Bourjois products, is very affordable, and you’re really getting a good quality product too.

Have any of you tried these yet? They are getting great reviews all over social media but I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 308 | Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick in Shade 06, Abrico’dabra!

If you’re a lipstick fan, I’m sure you’ve seen this new range from Bourjois which launched last month. Their Rouge Velvet liquid lipstick collection has been around for quite some time, but this new lipstick version is so much better in so many ways.

I liked the original collection don’t get me wrong, but the quality of these lipsticks is just so good. They quite literally, feel like velvet when you apply them and leave your lips feeling incredibly soft.

I tried my first shade from the collection a few weeks back in a gorgeous rose shade, Hyppink Chicand loved everything about it from the formula to the colour. And I’m very happy to say, I’m still loving the formula as much today.

One of the best things about my challenge has been discovering new lipsticks that I love, especially when I love them even more second time around. For me, that’s a real sign that a product is a winner.

Today’s shade is a kind of muted orange coral, and while I don’t love it quite as much as the rose shade, the pigment is still very good and it has great colour pay off too.

My favourite thing about it though is the formula which is very cream-like when you first apply it. But after a few minutes, it dries in to give a soft matte finish that has really great staying power.

I’d even go so far as to say, this might be one of my favourite new release collections of the year. Granted, there are still a few more shades to try, but judging by how much I like them so far, they are definitely up there in my top favourites of the challenge.

Have you tried these yet? If not, I think you might just have to add one to your Christmas wish list!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 291 | Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick in Shade 03, Hyppink Chic

If you’ve been following social media lately, I’m sure you’ve already come across this new lipstick collection from Bourjois which has just been released. Of course any new lipstick launch gets me excited, but all the great reviews accompanying this particular one, meant I just had to rush out, buy it and put it to the test.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Bourjois lip products over the years, even throughout the challenge I’ve had some mixed experiences, but after wearing this for just one day so far, I already know it’s my favourite Bourjois lippy that I’ve tried.

The most surprising, and best thing, about this lipstick is the almost duo element that it has. When you first apply it, it feels every inch a cream finish formula; it is hydrating, moisturising and feels very soft to wear.

However, give it a few minutes and it starts to dry in taking on a matte finish that feels quite velvety. Because the finish becomes matte, it means the staying power is much better than you inititially expect and I was very pleasantly surprised by how well this wore during the day.

I didn’t need to reapply it much at all, and it didn’t flake or crack after eating and drinking for example. More importantly, my lips felt very smooth all day and even the matte element didn’t dry them out.

The shade is what I would describe as a pink rose shade; it is soft with a neutral undertone making it a very versatile shade for any time of year.

I like it for so many reasons and will definitely be wearing it again once my challenge is over. Plus, the collection has a range of shades so I’m very excited to try those out too.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 240 | Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hours in Shade 30, Prune Afterwork

Although I adore some Bourjois products, I’ve had a very hit and miss relationship with their lipsticks over the years, and particularly over the last eight months with my challenge.

For a brand that does some things so well, I’ve never been blown away by their lipstick formulas but today I decided to try something new from them to see if it helped change my opinion at all.

The Rouge Edition 12 Hours range claims to have a formula that lasts for 12 hours, and right off the bat I’m just going to tell you not to get your hopes up because it just doesn’t. The lasting power is probably the best of all the Bourjois lipsticks that I’ve tried, but we’re talking maybe two to three hours longevity depending on what you eat or drink.

Naturally when something claims to have that kind of lasting power, you’re going to be disappointed when it lets you down and I was disappointed. But thankfully, that’s where the disappointment ended.

This lipstick has a lovely rich, creamy texture, and is surprisingly very different from their other offerings that I’ve tried. It is smooth, very blendable and the pigment is really great, so much so, I almost did a double take to make sure it was definitely a Bourjois lippy that I was using!

It’s not that I dislike their other lip products, they are fine and some of the shades are gorgeous, but they’ve always just left me feeling very ‘meh’. So, credit where credit’s due, because I’m very happy to report that apart from the lasting power, I really liked this lipstick today and was very impressed by how moisturised my lips felt throughout the day, as well as by how much I liked the shade itself.

The finish is a semi-matte or cream matte as I like to call it, and when blending, it didn’t pull or drag any of the colour underneath which is one of the things that has annoyed me previously with their lip products.

Finally I feel like Bourjois may be on to a winner with this range, and while the 12 Hour claim is definitely a stretch, for me, the creaminess of the lipstick itself definitely makes up for that.

What do you guys think, have you tried these and do you love them or hate them? I know some people may feel totally different than I do so as always, comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 225 | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lipstick in Shade 22, Abricoquette

So far throughout my challenge, I have tried two of these lipsticks from Bourjois, one which I’ve had for a good while and one which I bought new, but after trying today’s shade, I’m wondering why I bothered buying another.

I’ve been in two minds about these, mainly because I just didn’t think the pigment was all that great, and staying power is nothing to write home about either. But, after deciding to give these a second go a few months ago with shade, So Hap’pink, I was beginning to think the pigment might be okay but no, no it’s not.

While the pigment was nicer and the matte finish much better in the last shade, in this one they were both pretty disasterous. The formula was wet, pulled and dragged all the other colour underneath, and blended so unevenly across the lips.

What is meant to be a medium to full coverage matte lipstick, looked more like a sheer wet cream that had split or something, and really did not look good on my lips at all.

It’s a shame really because I liked the look of the colour on the applicator brush and the smooth texture seems so promising in for the first few seconds of application.

It may be the case that this formula and lighter shades just do not go together, but whatever the reason, I’m very disappointed with this and won’t be wearing it again.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 199 | Bourjois Colour Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Shade 01, Red Sunrise 

I first tried out these Colour Boost lip crayons from Bourjois a few weeks ago in a bright pink shade, Fuchsia Libreand really liked it. In fact, I liked it so much that in true ‘me’ style, I went out and bought a few more shades!

Bourjois is a budget brand that is very consistent in my opinion, I don’t like all their products, but the ones I do like, I tend to really like.

Their City Radiance foundation has become a Summer favourite that I wear all the time when I want light coverage days, and now their lipsticks are becoming some of my firm favourites too, with this one taking top Bourjois spot.

It is creamy like most good lip crayons, but what I really like about this one is the incredible pigment. You really only need a very small amount to get a great colour pay off, and the finish is a fab high shine gloss that really makes this bright shade pop. 

Because of the glossy finish the staying power isn’t amazing, but I can kind of forgive that because the formula is so nice. It applies like a dream on the lips, is very smooth and light, and leaves your lips feeling very soft after wearing it for the day.

All in all, it is a great budget option for an on-the-go, low maintenance lippy. It’s cheap, cheerful, and definitely one that’s impressed me given it’s budget price point.

I’m also just a sucker for the novelty of a lip crayon; I love their fun element and when it’s nice to wear too, it’s a win-win all round!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 170 | Bourjois Color Boost Gloss Lipstick in Shade 02, Fuchsia Libre

For Day 170, I opted for a lovely bright glossy pink lip courtesy of Bourjois. Though I have tried several Bourjois lipsticks over the years, I had never tried this Colour Boost crayon and have to say, I really liked it.

The crayon formula isn’t as creamy as some other lip crayons I’ve tried, but it still glides on to the lips very easily leaving a lovely pop of colour after just one layer, which I was pleasantly surprised by, given its sheer finish.

In terms of lasting power, I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but it’s not bad, and it does leave your lips feeling very soft and smooth throughout the day. I didn’t find it hydrating but the moisturising element is there which is always a bonus when it comes to a budget friendly lipstick.

Overall I really liked this, I’m a fan of lip crayons anyway, but I definitely think I’ll be trying out more colour boost shades over the next while.

Have any of you guys ever tried this Bourjois lippy? If not, what’s your favourite lip crayon? Let me know!

Sorcha 💋 

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 100 | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lipstick in Shade 11, So Hap’pink

It’s officially day 100 of my Simply Lippy challenge and for today’s lipstick, I chose a lovely soft matte berry shade courtesy of Bourjois.

You may remember that I wore another shade from this collection a few weeks back, a lovely coral shade, Ravie en Rose, that I bought last year, but I was in two minds about whether I liked it or not, and I’m still in two minds now.

After trying out today’s shade, I think I feel a little better about the formula now, mainly due to the fact that because this is a darker shade, the pigment seemed much better and I didn’t notice it really drag or pull the way I did before.

The matte finish is lovely and soft, and definitely leaves a velvety feel to the lips which was one of the things I liked most about it last time around, so no change there. I also found that this shade lasted better throughout the day, and I didn’t need to reapply it as much as I thought I would.

The colour itself, as you can see from the pictures, is a lovely soft berry, and I like how it’s not too rich for a soft makeup day, or for a day in the office when you don’t want to go too bold with your look. But, if you did want to make it a bit stronger, the formula is pretty buildable, so it’s a versatile choice in that sense.

While I still think I’m in two minds about this, I much prefer this shade over the coral one, and am definitely liking it more than I did before. Maybe it’s just one of those things that gets better each time you wear it so I guess I’ll have to keep wearing them to find out.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 60 | Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet Sheer Matte Lipgloss in Shade 4, Ravie En Rose

Today’s lipstick is a sheer matte lipgloss courtesy of Bourjois in a lovely Spring coral shade. I’ve had this lippy for a while now but I have conflicting opinions about it and let me tell you why…

The colour is exactly the kind of colour I love wearing; bright, summery and coral. Three of my favourite things when it comes to lipstick! But, the formula isn’t amazing, it takes a good few layers to build up a good colour, and it does drag a little on application.

So, when it comes to talking about whether I like this or don’t like it, I’m kind of stuck in the middle a little. I like the finish which does have a velvety feel and leaves the lips feeling smooth so it’s not necessarily bad, but it’s just not amazing either.

Have you tried these lip glosses? If so then I’d love to hear your thoughts cause I just can’t make up my mind!

In the meantime, don’t forget, I’m sharing all my challenge photos and progress over on my social media pages so come follow me over there. You’ll find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and if you feel like joining me for a cuppa and a chat then I’m over on snapchat too. Just search for @imsimplysorcha.

Sorcha 💋

Review: Bourjois City Radiance Brightening Foundation

Last week if you read my Budget Beauty Makeup post, you will have seen me writing about the Bourjois City Radiance foundation. As I mentioned in that post, I’ve seen lots of my favourite beauty bloggers talking about this lately and giving it lots of high praise, so I’ve been dying to see what all the fuss is about.

A few weeks back when in Boots, I picked up my own tube to try it out. There are six shades in the range and I opted for shade 03 (light beige). Although I have a lot of freckles on my face (if you follow me on snapchat you’ll have heard me ranting about that!), my skin is quite sallow with a gold/olive complexion to it so I tend to go for shades that have a slightly gold or yellow undertone rather than pink undertone.

I applied a pea size amount to my hand to get an idea of the texture and the first thing I noticed was that it is very light weight. Not watery, but thin, meaning you only need a very small amount as it is super blendable. I found the pea size amount was plenty to give me a light, even coverage – exactly what I was looking for.

Now, I’ve read on other reviews that the staying power varied on people but I have to say, the five or six times I’ve worn it now, it’s lasting pretty much all day long. I’ve worn it with and without primer, and yes without primer it does tend to leave the face a bit quicker, but not quick enough that it would stop me wearing it.


I love a light coverage in warmer months, in Summer I tend to only wear liquid foundation if I’m going out at night, but this foundation seems to be a nice happy medium as you really don’t feel like you’re wearing a heavy liquid foundation when it’s on your face. Plus, it contains SPF 30 which is always a bonus and it really lives up to its claims of being a brightening foundation too as it leaves my skin looking quite dewy. And we all know I love a nice dewy glow!

I’m not sure I would wear this as much in Winter, but overall I’m very impressed and will definitely keep using it for light coverage days.

The even better news about this foundation is the €13.99 price tag which to me really is a bargain. You can pick it up from Boots or any other Bourjois stockists.

Sorcha x