Simply Lippy Challenge Day 12 | Clarins Lip Oil in Shade 2, Raspberry

I don’t know about you but I’m constantly freezing at the moment. The weather in Dublin took a turn over the past few days and it’s bitterly cold outside. Unfortunately for me, that always means I’m going to have to up my hydration game when it comes to my lips as they become very dry and sore in cold weather.

Apart from it being time to use some of my natural lip scrub (you can find the recipe here), for today’s Simply Lippy lipstick choice I knew I had to pick something that was soft, hydrating and moisturising on my lips in order to help improve them, and prevent them from becoming any worse. And that’s where the Clarins Lip Oil comes in.

I first tried this lip oil last Summer (if you missed my review post can catch up here), and I was really impressed by its hydrating and non-greasy formula, that leaves your lips feeling very soft and smooth. The formula is usually a little more clear than this, but I’ve used my one a lot hence why it’s looking a bit cloudy!

This shade, Raspberry, has just the very slightest hint of a tint, but enough to give your lips a colour lift whilst still giving the look of a neutral, clear gloss. And although the finish is glossy as I just mentioned, it somehow manages to be non-sticky and long lasting both at the same time. Hence why this became a firm favourite after I first discovered it back in July.

You can probably tell from the photos that my lips aren’t looking their best, but the difference between the before and after photos I think is pretty great. The lip oil manages to disguise my dryness and red patches, and is helping them heal in the process.

Of all the lip products I’ve written about so far, I think this might just be the one most worth having in your makeup bag (apart from YSL Rouge Pur Couture of course!).

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Sorcha 💋