Simply Lippy Challenge Day 157 | Benefit Double The Lip Lipstick in Shade Revved-Up Red

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts on the Benefit Double The Lip lipstick and lip liner duo, you’ll know that I haven’t been impressed by them overall. Of the four minis I tried from a set I bought, I only really loved one of them, and overall just felt a little underwhelmed by the range.

Now let me explain. It’s not the this is a terrible lipstick, and in fact, I like the colour of this particular shade, but it is meant to be a duo lipstick with a distinction between two shades, and in two of the four I’ve tried, I just couldn’t see any real distinction.

As you can see by both the swatch and the lip application, this one looks like one solid red colour and not two shades of red as you might think from the look of the lipstick tube. So really, it just isn’t what it claims it is and that’s annoying.

The formula is fine, it feels creamy on application, but overall, it just doesn’t really do anything for me. Plus, the lasting power isn’t great either so I’ve just felt a bit irritated by these lipsticks in general.

I’ll use the rest of this shade and one other which I really liked called Lusty Rose, but I definitely won’t be repurchasing these in the future.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 144| Benefit Double The Lip Lipstick in Shade, Pink Thrills

The Benefit dual, double the lip lipsticks were one of the hottest beauty releases of Spring this year, and if you’ve been following my challenge up to now, you’ll know that I have tried two so far, one of which I really disliked and one of which, I really loved.

So in a nutshell, it’s pretty safe to say that I have a love/hate relationship with them.

The first shade I tried Flame Game, was a complete let down: I didn’t like the shade and for me, there was no distinction between the liner and lipstick. However, Lusty Rose, the second shade I tried, had a much bigger impact.

Because of my conflicting feelings, I didn’t know how I would get on with this shade, Pink Thrills, but I’m happy to say, it was pretty good.

First things first: there is very clearly both a liner and a lipstick element which is the whole point of these lippies, so obviously I was happy with that. It also blended very nicely, and felt quite creamy on the lips which was also good.

Where this falls down a little for me though is the shade, and that purely comes down to personal preference. It’s nice, but I just found the lighter part, very ‘pink’! 

I’ve never been a pink kind of girl, but I have tried several pink lippy shades over the past few months which I’ve really liked. This one I’m just not that sure about though.

My other slight gripe with this is that Benefit claim it has lasting power of 8 hours, but for me, it just doesn’t. I got a couple of hours max before having to reapply; granted, I did have a cuppa or two in between, but still, I think the claim is a little over-reaching.

Aside from that, it is has a very smooth consistency and it does feel lovely on the lips as you wear it. I wouldn’t call it hydrating but it is moisturising and that’s always good when it comes to lipstick.

This is my third lippy to try from the mini set I bought and I’m still trying to decide whether I think it’s worth the investment. Right now, I’m veering towards no, but I’ll wait until I try my final shade to make my decision.

As always, I’ll keep you posted!

Sorcha 💋