Simply Lippy Challenge Day 149 | DuWop Venom Gloss in Shade Lantana 

You may recall me wearing three different DuWop mini lipsticks over the past few months, and although I really liked one of the shades, Plum, I wasn’t a massive fan of the lipstick in general.

The minis were part of a trio set I bought, and when I got them, I was also sent one of their venom lip glosses as a free gift with purchase to try out in a bubblegum pink shade called Lantana.

Given my feelings on the lipsticks, I didn’t have high hopes for the gloss so was very pleasantly surprised to find that I actually really liked it! 

The gloss itself was thick and creamy in texture, and gave a lovely high shine coverage to the lips. The pigment was also very good for a sheer finish gloss, and I definitely got a great pop of colour when I applied it which I really liked.

The shade as I mentioned above, is a bubblegum pink so not really my usual kind of shade, but the sheer finish made it quite soft and not too pink. Not only did it look like bubblegum, but it smelled exactly like bubblegum too which I thought might become bit overpowering or sickly throughout the day, but it didn’t at all, and I actually found it quite fun to wear because of that!

All-in-all, I’m really glad this gloss surprised me and I think it’s a great budget gloss option that brings a little something fun with it!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 141 | DuWop Private Lipstick in Shade Red

For today’s lipstick shade I decided to wear the final lipstick from the DuWop mini lipstick trio I bought a couple of months ago.

You may remember that I wasn’t at all impressed by the first shade I wore from the set, Nude, but I was proven a little wrong when I wore my second shade , Plum, which looked and felt a lot better than the first.

I thought my change of opinion was down to the fact that the pigment wasn’t good in the nude shade as it was much nicer in Plum, and because of that, the lasting power was better too.  But unfortunately today, I’m veering back towards my original opinion on these.

First off, the pigment on today’s Red shade is quite nice, and the colour pay off is very good after just one application. But my big problem with it is the wet-like consistency. There is just very little creaminess, if any, and therefore I’m left feeling a bit ‘meh’.

The lasting power is fine, and there is a slight stain element with the pigment, but it doesn’t seem to be as good as it was with the plum shade which I really liked.

The red is a cool toned red and actually, is nice enough given that cool tones aren’t usually my go-to. So, it’s not that this lipstick is very bad, it’s just that it doesn’t do much for me. I like rich, creamy formula’s especially with satin finishes, and this just doesn’t have either.

I’ve tried it, it was grand but, I won’t be trying it again!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 132 | DuWop Private Lipstick in Shade Plum

Okay, there must be something in the air ladies because when I tried my first lipstick from DuWop a few weeks ago, I wasn’t all that impressed by it. It’s not that I didn’t like it or that it was bad per se, it just didn’t really wow me, and I wasn’t a fan of the shade.

However, that lipstick was part of a mini trio set that I bought, so I had two more shades to try out, and today I tried my second shade, Plum. Which as I’m sure you can guess, was a plum shade and what’s more, I really like it!

For me I would say it’s more brown toned than the berry tone you’d expect from a plum usually, but, the pigment was really good and the shade lovely nonetheless.

The formula as I mentioned in my last post, isn’t particularly creamy, but it does have a soft finish, and the colour glides on easily and blends very well on the lips.

I think the thing that struck me most with this shade today was the nice stain effect it gave. It’s not quite a full lip stain, but the colour really stayed put all day long, meaning I only had to reapply it once or twice.

Tonight I’m off out for dinner and drinks for a triple celebratory night, and wanted to obviously go a bit bolder on my makeup look compared to my usual go-to simple day application.

I decided to go with a dark brown eye and I think it really compliments the lipstick shade too, giving it a bolder impact for an evening look.

I still wouldn’t say I love this, but I was very impressed with both the pigment and colour, so it has definitely gone up in my estimation.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday whatever you’re up to!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 124 | DuWop Private Lipstick Trio in Shade Nude

For Thursday’s Simply Lippy choice, I wore a nude shade from DuWop which I bought last week in a mini trio set of their Private Lipstick range. 

I’ve never tried any of their products before, but thought this set was cute (I’m a sucker for mini products), and didn’t really have any expectation of what it would be like.

And maybe that’s just as well as to be honest, because it didn’t blow me away.

The shade was a beige nude so I did like that, and also liked how it sat on my lips. The lipstick wasn’t particularly creamy, it did blend well, but I found I had to layer it quite a lot to get a proper pop of colour. 

It has a strange kind of formula too as it almost had a kind of liquidy feel to it without being liquid if that makes any sense at all?! 

While I didn’t find it moisturising, it wasn’t drying either, and the thin satin finish was nice enough.

To be honest, there was nothing particularly wrong with it, it just left me feeling a bit ‘meh’. If I hadn’t bought a trio for example, I wouldn’t be rushing to try it again, but, the other two shades I have a richer, deeper colours so maybe they will have more of an impact.

As always, I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, don’t forget to come follow me on my social media pages if you’re not already. You’ll find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Sorcha 💋