Review: Contour with Clarins | Face Contour Trio Palette

Back in February, I was invited along to the launch of Clarins’ Spring collection where they unveiled a gorgeous new face contour palette which I was very kindly given on the day to try out. 

I know that’s a few months ago now, but as you may know if you’ve been following my blog posts, I had to take a few weeks away from blogging due to some personal reasons, and as a result, am only getting around to reviewing it now even though I’ve been using it a lot over the past few weeks.

Firstly, I want to say how impressed I’ve been lately by some of Clarins’ new launches. Their Valentine’s inspired blushers which I wrote about in February, were amazing and I haven’t stopped using them since. And that’s also true for this contour palette.

The shades in this palette are three very distinct shades, all for a particular purpose: to contour, sculpt and highlight. Sure, that’s what you would expect from any contour palette really, but what I particularly like about this one is, it’s got all your face prep in the one place.

The first shade is a very fine, soft cream shade which Clarins recommend using as a skin illuminator. I’m not sure that I really find it illuminating to be honest, but I am finding it great as a base finishing powder. Because it is so light, it gives gorgeous coverage over my foundation (I’ve tried it over both my Bourjois City Radiance and Armani Luminous Silk foundations) and it has been equally nice over both.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find face/finishing powders are too heavy over foundation and can give a kind of cakey look, but this doesn’t do that at all, and is very light and smooth to apply.

The second powder is the contour powder, which again is finely milled, but has an incredible pigment. One swatch of this gives very high impact and therefore you do have to be careful when applying not to make it too dark, because let’s be honest, that’s not a good look for anyone.

The other thing I’ve noticed with the contour shade is, you need to blend pretty quickly after application in order to get a light, even application. Initially, I used the small angled applicator brush that comes with the palette, but if I’m honest, I felt I got a better blend using my trusty MAC 129, small powder brush so therefore, I would recommend using a powder brush instead.

The last shade in the palette is the blush shade, and the star of the show in my opinion. I just love it! It is the most beautiful warm-toned, rose shade with a matte finish, that finishes off the face and contour look perfectly. Like the other two shades, it is light, maybe even slightly lighter than the others, and therefore blends like a dream once applied.

I’ve been wearing this shade a lot, and one thing I’m realising is that, between this and the Valentine’s inspired Skin Illusion Blush that I mentioned earlier; I am a big fan of Clarins blushers! They really have lovely pigment that isn’t too light or overpowering, and they give a lovely finishing pop of colour to the cheeks.

The palette isn’t cheap, it costs €45, so you’d have to really use each shade to get the value out of it. But in saying that, you get three really great powders in one, and you’d probably spend close to that, if not more, on each of these products separately, so because of that I think it’s good value.

Of course, it’s on the higher end price wise so it won’t be for everyone, but if you like Clarins, and you like investing in good powders, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this.

What are your views on contouring? Are you in the yay or nay bracket?! I’m not massively into it I have to say, but I do like a bit of definition on my face so this is great for that.

Sorcha x

Review: MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Illuminating Primer

I am one of MAC’s biggest fans, I absolutely love their makeup, particularly their lipsticks and foundations. However, for some reason I’ve never really tried any of their skin care or prep and prime products until now.

A few weeks back when I was in getting my free lipstick, the lovely girl at the MAC counter gave me a sample of their Prep + Prime Natural Radiance illuminating primer to try out and let me tell you all, it’s love!

I’ve been using this for about two weeks now and the difference on my skin is amazing. Although it’s more like a gel than a cream, it still has a smooth, creamy texture, and because of that you only need a very small pea size amount when applying. Once blended in, it leaves the skin feeling lovely and fresh, and there is no stickiness like you get from some primers.

Not only is this primer very easy to apply, the yellow tone of the Radiant Yellow shade gives your skin a gorgeous, dewy glow, and brightens up the skin beautifully meaning your makeup goes on much smoother. I find I need less concealer because of the brightening power of the primer, and my makeup is lasting so well throughout the day too.

It contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C which are super hydrating for the skin, and the illuminating properties come from pearl powders which means it will work for all skin types too. I have dry to normal skin so that’s probably why I’m always drawn to illuminating products, however, even if you have oily skin this should work for you as there is no sheen or shimmer in it to make your skin look shiny. It also leaves your face feeling quite soft, even after makeup application which is always a bonus.

Benefit’s That Gal primer has been my favourite for some time now and this is the first primer I’ve tried in a long time that comes close to matching it. I’m really loving it and plan on purchasing a full size version as soon as my sample tube runs out. So if you like me are a big fan of That Gal, then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this too.

The full size version is €40.00 so that does make me wince a little, however, given that I’ve only needed to use a very small amount each day, I’m pretty sure this tube will last ages. But I’ll report back on that soon!

Sorcha x