Simply Lippy Challenge Day 214 | KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Creme Liquid Lipstick in Shade Kim

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the KKW x Kylie lip creams are one of the most disappointing lipstick releases of 2017 for me. I was so excited to try these when they came out, so much so, I spent a fortune getting them sent here between shipping and customs. But apart from one shade, I just don’t like these at all.

Of the four lip creams in the collection, only one had a colour that I really liked, and because I liked the colour I think that made the formula seem a little better. But overall, I didn’t find the formula or consistency that good at all.

It is creamy so I’ll give it that, and because of that it won’t dry out your lips. But, it is quite wet on application, meaning that it is impossible to layer and drags all the colour underneath. Because it is wetter than most cream finish lipsticks I don’t think I would really describe it as a cream finish, especially as it doesn’t really dry in either.

The lasting power isn’t good, the shades are too pale for my liking and I just feel very ‘meh’ every time I try one of these. For me, they definitely don’t live up to the hype and weren’t worth the money either.

I know people who have tried these and liked them so it’s all about personal preference. I’m sure you all know by now that I prefer richer tones and formulas, so maybe this was a mismatch from the beginning!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 194 | KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Creme Liquid Lipstick in Shade Kiki

Well, before I even go into my thoughts on today’s Kim Kardashian x Kylie lippy shade, let me tell you, I think this is one of the most disappointing beauty releases ever. This year, it’s right up there with the complete let down that the Benefit Double the Lip lipsticks were, and it’s not getting any better the more I wear.

For those of you who didn’t catch my earlier posts on these liquid lipsticks, the come in a set of four nude shades and I’ve tried two so far: Kimberly which I didn’t like at all, and Kimmie which won me over. Two very contrasting views on two very different shades.

Because of my two different experiences, I was 50/50 on whether I liked these but knew the next shade I tried would make my mind up once and for all, and that it has.

I don’t really like them.

Shade Kimmie is a lovely caramel nude shade and yes, I will wear it again. But as for the other two? Nah.

The pigment isn’t good, and I know nude shades can be like that, but because the consistency is so wet, when you try to layer and build the colour it just doesn’t work. In these photos, I have at least five layers of the lipstick on to try get any sort of colour because it kept dragging all the colour underneath. But worst of all, this time when it did eventually dry, it stained my lips the weirdest shade of pink – nothing remotely resembling the shade it was actually mesnt to be.

What’s more, it cracked and flaked and honestly, left my lips both looking and feeling awful. 

In the interests of fairness, my lips were a bit dryer than normal today, but still, I wasn’t expecting this. The only real thing I had liked about the formula on previous occasions was the creamy texture which was nice and moisturising, but for some reason, today that was nowhere to be seen.

It’s all just one big giant disappointment and like Kimberly, this shade will remain in the box for the foreseeable future.

Have any of you tried these yet? Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking this?!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 152 | KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Creme Liquid Lipstick in Shade Kimmie

First things first. Before I go into my review of my lipstick shade for Day 152, you may recall how excited I was when my Kim K nude lippy set arrived a few weeks ago, and also how utterly underwhelmed I was by the first shade I tried, Kimberly.

To be honest, I think it was one of the most disappointing beauty moments I’ve had because the swatches looked so gorgeous that I couldn’t wait to try them. I thought I would love them, but sadly, I didn’t.

Fast forward to Day 152; I’ve worn and tested out my second shade from the set, Kimmie, and I have to say, my opinion is a little better than it was before, mainly because I like the shade a LOT more.

In terms of formula, it’s pretty much the same as before – creamy, with a lovely smooth texture that moisturises the lips nicely.

However, what I didn’t like about it previously was the quite wet consistency, and that still remains on this one. But, and (this is a big but!), because Kimmie is bolder red toned nude shade, the pigment is a lot better, and therefore doesn’t drag the colour in the same way Kimberly did and was a lot more buildable.

I also found that because the colour pay off was better, it seemed to last a bit longer on my lips this time around which was a welcome change, and I did find it nice to wear.

As I’ve tried two of the four lipsticks now, I suppose I’m 50/50 on whether or not I like them. I don’t think I’d go shouting from the roof tops about them, but I definitely way prefer this shade and will wear it again, unlike the other one which I think will sit pretty in its box for the foreseeable future. 

My concern however is that the remaining two shades look much paler and therefore, I’m dubious about them being able to impress me.

If you could buy them as separate lipsticks, I think I probably would repurchase this one, but as to whether the set of four is worth it? Right now, I’m saying no, but I’ll just have to see how I get on with the other shades.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 137 | KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Creme Liquid Lipstick in Shade Kimberly

Well ladies, if you’ve seen any of my social media pages over the past few days, you will know that my Kim Kardashion for Kylie Cosmetics cream liquid lipstick set finally arrived, and let me tell you, I was like a child on Christmas morning when I opened them up.

I never bought any of the Kylie lip kits, I just kind of felt that there was too much hype for them to live up to any expectations I might have, and so I decided not to jump on that bandwagon.

However, when I spotted the new nudes collaboration from Kim Kardashion, I loved the look of both the shades and the packaging so much, I just couldn’t resist buying them.

Today I wore my first shade in the collection, a brown toned nude called Kimberly, that actually looks much browner in the swatch than it does on my lips. In fact, I was pretty surprised by how pale this was once I applied it. 

I layered it up a few times to try build the color, but while it was filling the lips a bit more, layering didn’t make the shade any darker. The consistency is quite a wet creamy liquid, so it’s hard to build the color as it drags slightly when you apply – there really is no drying or setting time with this at all, and as you can see from the photos, the coverage isn’t that good.

Because of that, I found the formula just didn’t last that long on my lips throughout the day, and I reapplied it a good few times to keep the colour. So basically, first impressions haven’t been that amazing to be honest.

What I do really like about it however, is the creamy feel, which does moisturise your lips and makes them feel super smooth and soft both during and after you wear.

I’m not bursting with excitement over it I have to say, which is such a shame because I was so excited to use this. I do like it because of the creamy formula, but I just wish the consistency was thicker and the pigment, bolder and longer lasting.

I’m slightly worried that the paler shades are going to look far too pale when I wear them because I thought this one would be a lot darker than it actually is. But, I’m looking forward to trying them out and seeing if they leave me feeling a little more than underwhelmed.

Have any of you lovely ladies tried these yet? I really want to hear your thoughts because I want to love these so much but I’m just not sure that I will!

Sorcha 💋