Simply Lippy Challenge Day 318| Lancôme Liquid Cream Lipstick in Shade 110

The other day I realised something, I’ve gone though nearly a whole year of my lipstick challenge and haven’t worn one single lippy from Lancôme. I couldn’t believe it, mainly because I really like Lancôme as a brand and over the years, have loved any lipsticks I’ve tried from them.

Thankfully when routing through some old presses, I came across this one which was a pass on from my mum. It’s an oldie so I can’t find out the name of the shade, or the specific range it came from, but I know one thing and that is, that I love it.

The red is a slightly cool toned red with a very subtle hint of a raspberry undertone, and though it’s not as warm toned as I would usually go for, the pigment is so gorgeous it’s hard not to like it.

The coverage is medium to full, and the colour payoff is excellent; I only needed a very light layer when applying. The consistency is thick and quite vinyl like which makes it feel very luxurious on the lips, and it blends like a dream too.

The finish is much more glossy than I initially expected it to be, and probably a little more glossy than I would have preferred, but having said that, the lasting power is pretty good, even for a gloss.

By the looks of things this lippy is no longer available, or maybe the packaging has just changed. But it’s definitely made me want to try out some more Lancôme lippies before the year is out!

What’s your favourite high end lipstick brand? Are you a Lancôme fan?!

Sorcha 💋

Review: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation 

A couple of months back, I was sent the new and improved Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation by the lovely people over at Lancôme to try out.

In all honestly, I’ve never tried a Lancôme foundation before; my Mum has worn different Lancôme options for most of her life and swears by them so I’ve always tended to associate them with her and not me. But, after trying this out for the past few weeks, I’m really beginning to understand her long standing love affair with their foundations.

The consistency is lovely and creamy without being too thick or thin, and though Lancôme describe it as a full coverage foundation, it is full coverage without being thick or cakey. Because of that, it blends like a dream and a little goes a long way.

My pet hate with foundations is a thick consistency so the fact that this is light and creamy makes me like it. But what makes me like it even more, is the fact that it really lasts on the face all day long. 

I’ve worn it with and without primer, and while I do prefer to wear a primer under my foundation, I have to say, it really held its own on days when I had nothing on underneath it, which is always a great sign when it comes to foundation.

Foundation on left side, no foundation on right side

For the purposes of this post, in my photos here I haven’t used any primer underneath to show you how easy it glides on and blends into the skin, especially because the shade I have, 03 Beige Diaphane, is just a touch dark for my skin tone at the moment. 

Before foundation on right side
After foundation on right side

Now, when I say a touch dark, I really mean  just a touch because I’ve been easily able to wear this for the past few weeks. However, I do think it will be even nicer to wear in the Summer when I have a tan (I don’t really wear fake tan).

Foundation blended into both sides

While I really like this foundation, there is one thing I don’t like about it which I have to mention, and that is: its extremely strong floral perfume scent. I find it so overpowering – it was almost sickly the first time I smelled it but I think that’s mainly down to the fact that I just wasn’t expecting it. It completely hit me out of left field!

Finished look

Having said that, I’ve managed to look past that because I do like how it wears, so if you don’t mind a scented foundation then the formula makes this really worth trying out.

I have to say, I’ve been really impressed by this and probably shouldn’t be surprised by that, given what an enormously successful and popular brand Lancôme is. 

Have you tried any Lancôme foundations or do you wear them regularly? This is a new discovery for me so I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Sorcha x