Simply Lippy Challenge Day 297 | Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 51, Muse Red

Okay, I don’t know where this shade has been hiding for the past ten months, but I’m so glad I discovered it because I love it! It is a gorgeous warm toned, orange red shade which I’m sure many of you know, is my favourite kind of red and I just loved wearing it.

I was very surprised by how much I liked the shade because looking at it initially, it looked more like a cherry or cool toned red. But when I applied it, it looked totally different, much to my excitement!

The formula of these lipsticks is creamy with gorgeous pigment and excellent colour pay off, giving a full coverage colour to the lips. It blends easily, and though it didn’t necessarily moisturise my lips, it did give them a nice smooth feeling throughout the day.

Another thing I liked about it is the staying power which for a creamy satin finish, was much better that I expected it to be. I remembered the lasting power being good in previous shades I’ve tried from this range, so I was happy to find it was the same with this.

I’ve always been a big fan of Rimmel lipsticks; of course there have been some I don’t like, but overall they are very nice to wear and this shade in particular is just gorgeous so it gets top marks from me today!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 198 | Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 08

I’m a big fan of Rimmel lipsticks which I’m pretty sure you all know by now, and while I don’t want to be repeating myself, I do think you all need to know why today’s shade is so lovely!

First off, the rich rose colour is just lovely. I wasn’t a particular fan of rose shades before my challenge, but over the past few months they have really started to win me over and now I love them.

Whereas yesterday’s shade was more of a pink rose, this one has a much more earthy tone, and is lovely for any time of year. The cream gloss finish just adds that extra pop to the shade too which I just love.

Cream and matte finished are my favourite finishes in a lipstick, and when that is paired with a smooth texture and moisturising formula, you really can’t go far wrong. And that’s what this Rimmel lippy has in spades.

While I wouldn’t call it a hydrating lipstick per se, it does leave your lips lovely and smooth when it’s applied, particularly as the staying power is pretty damn good too. 

Have you tried these Rimmel lippies? Let me know your thoughts so we can compare notes!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 158 | Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 53, Retro Red

I’m sure most of you know by now that in general, I’m a big fan of Rimmel lipsticks. There’s only one or two ranges that I’ve tried from the brand that I really don’t like, but many of the others are some of my favourite lipsticks ever.

The Kate Moss range has some hit and miss shades, but this shade is exactly the kind of shade that I love wearing, and I love the statement pop it gives to my lips when I have it on.

The shade, Retro Red, is really more of a deep berry than red, but it is gorgeously creamy, and the pigment is incredible too. Because of the great colour pay off you get with it, you really only need one or two light layers to get full coverage which is always good when it comes to lippy.

The other thing I love about this is the fact that it really stayed on during the day and I only needed to reapply it once or twice. What’s more, I had a really long day and not having to worry about reapplying my lipstick was amazing.

The texture itself is smooth and the consistency isn’t too thick which means it’s very buildable and easy to apply which is great if you wanted to go lighter in the day and very dark for a night on the tiles!

I am really loving this lippy and without a doubt, definitely see myself wearing it again. I think it would be a gorgeous rich tone to wear in the Autumn, but love that it looks just as good in Summer too.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 154 | Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 110

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend. I’ve been very under the weather so have spent most of the past few days in my bed, and therefore didn’t get much use out of my lipstick shades for the past two days.

Because of that, my posts for the past two days have been a little delayed coming to you so sincere apologies. I get so worried when I don’t post the day of – it’s only happened a handful of times, and only when I physically can’t write a blog post due to other things happening. 

So I really hope you all understand and can forgive my delay. I suppose the most important thing is, I still tried out and wore a lippy, I took my photographs and I stayed true to my word. 

What’s more, I loved the lipstick shade from Day 154 so much that I was raging I wore it on a day where apart from a quick outing with my mum, I spent the majority of the day in bed!

As you can see from the photos, it’s a gorgeous salmon toned coral lip from Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish range. The finish is a soft comfort matte, and the pigment as with most Rimmel lipsticks, is just gorgeous.

The consistency is creamy and not too thick, and the velvety matte finish means it’s very easy to blend too. But mostly, the lasting power is exactly as you expect it to be; long lasting without drying. So it definitely lives up to the claims it makes.

Given that my lips are severely dehydrated at the moment, I was very impressed with both the holding power and the fact that it didn’t make them feel dryer than they already were.

This shade for me, is the perfect Summer sunny day shade, and definitely worth the investment if you’re in the market for a new coral lip.

It’s just a shame I didn’t get to wear it somewhere a bit nicer! 

Sorcha 💋