Simply Lippy Challenge Day 96 | MAC Cremestick Pearl Lip Liner in Amber Ember

Metallics have been very on trend for a while now, and while I was messing around with some of my makeup the other day, I came across an old lip liner from MAC that I hadn’t used in ages.

When I swatched it, I remembered that it had a lovely gold-like metallic finish to it, and so to shake things up a bit, I decided to wear it as my lippy choice for day 96.

Now, it’s a lip liner so it’s not going to be hydrating or anything like that, but as lip pencils go, it is quite soft and the creamy finish means that it is very easy to apply, even as a lipstick!

I absolutely loved wearing this, and usually I would say that it is a very autumnal kind of shade, but as it was such a dull day in Dublin, I really don’t think that mattered!

The lasting power wasn’t great, of course, but completely expected. So it’s not really the best choice for a busy day running around in work, with no time to think of applying. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved the colour and think metallic lips may just be my new thing!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 74 | Clarins Lip Pencil in Shade 01, Nude Fair

Do you ever have one of those days where quite literally, everything goes wrong? Well, that was me today. It was just one of those days that I would love to punch in the face then have a good cry over. Not to be dramatic or anything of course…!

Anyway, because of that and because I’m just feeling a bit down, I’m going to switch off for the night and take some time out. But of course, before I do that, here’s a quick look at my lippy choice for today.

Today I opted for something different, and decided to wear a lip liner all over my lips because I liked the shade so much. The lip liner is a Clarins one, and the shade Nude Fair, is a lovely peach toned nude, which gives the lips a similar finish to good matte lipstick.

The lip liner itself is very creamy, and more like a lip crayon in texture, and I absolutely love that in a liner because it makes it very easy to both apply and blend. Plus, the colour stayed put pretty much all day long which is always a positive for me.

All in all I really like this, and definitely see myself wearing it again both as a liner and a lippy!

It’s now time for me to go have some R&R, so I’ll catch you all tomorrow for Day 75. 

Sorcha 💋