Simply Lippy Challenge Day 62 | Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in Shade 3, Red Berry

Clarins Lip Oils are an absolute favourite lip product of mine, and have been for quite some time now. Last year I shared a post on the Rapberry shade, which I also wore on Day 12 of my Simply Lippy challenge, and today I tried out one of the other shades in the range.

If you caught either of those posts you will know that the reason I like these so much is because although they are oil based, they have a non-greasy formula and therefore are lovely to wear. They make your lips feel hydrated, plump and so smooth after just a few minutes, and have a thick, gloss finish with absolutely no stickiness at all. 

Today’s shade, Red Berry, looks very rich and bold in the bottle, but because of the gloss finish, there is just a very slight tint on application which I love. There’s enough colour to give the lips definition, but still very much gives the feel of a neutral or nude lip finish.

It’s hard to describe how it feels to wear this because usually a thick formula wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing, but with this, it most definitely is. When you wear it, you know you’re wearing it if that makes sense?! It just feels so luxurious and soft on the lips, and I could honestly wear it over and over and over again. It’s that good!

Have you tried the Clarins lip oils? Or any other lip oils? I think they might be my new thing so if there’s any you think I should try then comment below and let me know.

Although it’s Friday, I’m absolutely shattered today so I’m looking forward to lots of sleep this weekend. Hope you all have a good one whatever you’re up to!

Sorcha ūüíč

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 12 | Clarins Lip Oil in Shade 2, Raspberry

I don’t know about you but I’m constantly freezing at the moment. The weather in Dublin took a turn over the past few days and it’s bitterly cold outside. Unfortunately for me, that always means I’m going to have to up my hydration game when it comes to my lips as they become very dry and sore in cold weather.

Apart from it being time to use some of my natural lip scrub (you can find the recipe here), for today’s Simply Lippy lipstick choice I knew I had to pick something that was soft, hydrating and moisturising on my lips in order to help improve them, and prevent them from becoming any worse. And that’s where the Clarins Lip Oil comes in.

I first tried this lip oil last Summer (if you missed my review post can catch up here), and I was really impressed by its hydrating and non-greasy formula, that leaves your lips feeling very soft and smooth. The formula is usually a little more clear than this, but I’ve used my one a lot hence why it’s looking a bit cloudy!

This shade, Raspberry, has just the very slightest hint of a tint, but enough to give your lips a colour lift whilst still giving the look of a neutral, clear gloss. And although the finish is glossy as I just mentioned, it somehow manages to be non-sticky and long lasting both at the same time. Hence why this became a firm favourite after I first discovered it back in July.

You can probably tell from the photos that my lips aren’t looking their best, but the difference between the before and after photos I think is pretty great. The lip oil manages to disguise my dryness and red patches, and is helping them heal in the process.

Of all the lip products I’ve written about so far, I think this might just be¬†the one most worth having in your makeup bag (apart from YSL Rouge Pur Couture of course!).

If you’ve missed any of my challenge posts you can catch up now by heading over to my social media pages¬†Instagram,¬†Twitter¬†and¬†Facebook. Or you can simply search for my challenge hashtags¬†#simplylippy¬†and¬†#365days365shades to see all my latest posts, images and of course, lipsticks!

Sorcha ūüíč

Subtle Eyes with Clarins Iris Blossom Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

This evening I’m off to an event with the lovely people from Clarins, and it got me thinking about all the gorgeous Clarins products I have that I don’t use anywhere near enough. So given the day that’s in it, I decided to route out one of their mineral eyeshadow palettes to create a soft day eye look for the event.

The Iris Blossom mineral palette came out about three years ago now and has gorgeous earthy shades in both shimmer and matte.¬†The shimmer shades are a sparkly white, a golden brown and bright purple, while the only matte shade in the palette is a deep charcoal. Because it’s a day look I’m going for, I opted to use only a very small amount of charcoal and purple, focussing on the brown for base and white to highlight.

Here’s how I applied it…

I coated my eyelid with brown all over and blended into the lid well before adding a touch of charcoal and purple into the crease. Once applied, I used a blending brush to buff out the shadow and give the eye an accent of colour at the crease. To finish, I added a small amount of white to the inner corner of each eye to highlight and brighten the area.

In order to keep the look soft, I opted not to wear eyeliner so I just finished it off by adding mascara to both my upper and lower lashes and, voila! A simple and very quick eye makeup look in less than five minutes.

For one last little Clarins touch, I applied some of my Raspberry lip oil to my lips which I am just totally obsessed with at the minute (if you missed my review you can catch it here). It gives the lips a lovely soft glossy look with no stickiness and smells divine too!

I’ll keep you all posted on how the event goes later in the week. In the meantime, I’ll just wish you all a happy hump day! Hope you’re having a good one.

Sorcha x


Review: Clarins Lip Oil

A few weeks ago in my Airport Beauty Haul, I picked up one of the Clarins Lip Oils to try out. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talking about these recently, and I’m a big fan of Clarins products so I decided to try it out for myself.

What I didn’t know at first was that the Lip Oil comes in three different flavours, 01 Honey, 02 Raspberry and 03 Cherry. When I initially went to the Clarins counter I was planning on getting what I thought was the only lip oil – the gold one. Don’t ask me why I thought it was just a ‘gold oil’, maybe because a lot of oils tend to be¬†that colour. But obviously I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a choice of options.

Although initially I had planned on going for what turned out to be 01 Honey (gold in colour), I ended up choosing 02 Raspberry. I had wanted a clear oil, but the girl assured me that the oils didn’t really have any pigment and that the flavours were more about the scent than anything else. This always seems to happen to me – I go in to buy one thing, then get so excited by all the options, I end up buying something different!

Anyway, I had been so looking forward to giving this a go, especially after hearing Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits raving about it. Karen is one of my favourite beauty bloggers to read and follow, and always gives really honest reviews so I had a feeling I was going to be on to a winner here. And I was!

I’ve been using this for about two weeks now and I am absolutely loving it. Like, really loving it. My first concern with the oil based formula was that it might be too greasy or too sticky but it’s neither of those things. It has the most wonderfully soft formula that glides on to the lips so smoothly, leaving a gorgeous glossy but non-sticky finish.

Not only that, but once applied, it is lasting a good few hours on my lips which is always a bonus. I suffer from very dry lips; unfortunately about ten years ago I got my lips very badly burnt and I’ve have suffered with dry lips ever since. Because of that, I have to be very careful about the kind of products I use. Balms and lipsticks that wear off¬†quickly or have no staying power, really don’t cut the mustard for me as I need to keep my lips constantly moisturised and hydrated throughout the day.

But none of that was an issue with the lip oil and Clarins has really lived up to the hype here for me. It has definitely become my product of the moment – we all know I love lip products – but this has just shot straight to the top of my lip list!

I picked mine up in Dublin Airport for ‚ā¨16 on special, but the regular retail price is ‚ā¨21. I’ve yet to discover how long the bottle will last, but so far it’s seeming like very good value for money. So much so, I’m contemplating buying the Honey version this weekend when I’m back in¬†the airport.

Take a bow Clarins, you’ve done it again!

Sorcha x