Simply Lippy Challenge Day 174 | L’Oreal Lip Paint Matte in Shade 203, Tangerine Vertigo

You may recall me writing about these new L’Oreal lip paints previously throughout my challenge as I’ve worn two shades from the matte range that was released earlier in the year.

Of the two shades I tried, the first Hollywood Beige, was a gorgeous peach toned nude which I liked, and the second, King Pink, was a super bright pink shade which I wasn’t too sure about (mainly because that kind of pink isn’t really my thing).

However, what I absolutely loved about these was the creamy, velvety formula that really was so lovely to wear and kept my lips incredibly moisturised throughout the day.

The finish is a soft matte without being drying at all; the consistency is smooth, the pigment is great, and the staying power is pretty great too! So there’s a lot of positives when it comes to these lippies that’s for sure.

Today unfortunately though, I once again wasn’t a big fan of the shade. From both the name and the colour of the packaging, I was expecting this to be a rich orange-red shade, something similar to one of my favourites, Lady Danger, but it just wasn’t.

It was bold, but the orange shade was a very cool toned orange and just felt a bit ‘meh’ to me. There was nothing rich about it and it just felt very flat and non-descript. As with the pink shade I tried, there was nothing wrong with the shade per se, I just didn’t really like it.

I tend to go for warmer tones as I’m sure many of you know so maybe that’s why o didn’t like this so much, but regardless, the formula is lovely so this shade won’t stop me from trying out another colour soon!

What do you prefer when it comes to lipstick? Summer is a great time for warm shades, but do you prefer cool tones? Let me know by commenting below!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 122 | Maybelline Intensive Lip Paint in Shade 610, Stripped Down

Well, the bank holiday is over and another week has begun. I don’t know where the days are going to at the moment, today I had a super busy day in work and was late getting home so tonight’s post is going to be a quick one.

For today’s Simply Lippy choice, I wore a lip paint from Maybelline that I hadn’t tried before, but really quite like which was a pleasant surprise given that the last Maybelline lipstick I tried for the challenge on Day 86 wasn’t that great at all.

Never one to shy away from a challenge however, I spotted these lip paints in Penneys over the weekend and decided to give Maybelline another try. And honestly, I’m glad I did.

Apart from really liking the colour, the consistency is very creamy with a lovely pigment, and I really liked the sponge applicator brush and how easy it was to apply too. Just one quick swipe left a gorgeous coverage meaning there was very little effort involved with this at all.

The formula wasn’t particularly moisturising even though it had a creamy texture, but it wasn’t drying either and had pretty good lasting power throughout the day.

I wouldn’t say I loved it, but I definitely liked it a hell of a lot more than the last Maybelline lippy I tried, and think I might look for some other shades in the range to compare it with.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 106 | L’Oreal Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick in Shade 202, King Pink

Yesterday’s lipstick shade was a super vibrant, bright pink from the new lip paint range from L’Oreal, and one that I think may have been just a little too bright, even for me.

You may recall I first tried this new line of lippies from L’Oreal on Day 90, in a lovely orange toned nude shade called Hollywood Beige which I really liked. But unfortunately, I don’t think this pink shade is for me.

The formula is creamy and the finish is a soft matte which I really like. It’s very smooth and velvety to wear, and isn’t drying which is good as that sometimes can happen with matte finishes as we all know. So as lipsticks go, overall, I like these.

The colour is a very bright pink, with a cool undertone and while I usually love being adventurous with my lipstick shades, this pink just isn’t for me.

I have liked some of the pink shades I’ve tried for the challenge so far, but in general pinks just aren’t my thing, and that’s the case with this.

There’s nothing wrong with it per se, I just don’t really see myself wearing it again.

What do you think of this shade? I’m sure it’s one that will divide opinion! It’s a love or hate kind of shade so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 90 | L’Oreal Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick in Shade 201, Hollywood Beige

I only recently discovered some of L’Oreal’s newer lipstick collections, and this Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick is one of their newest releases.

When I was in Boots the other day, I noticed it on an ‘I’m new‘ stand and of course, had to investigate further!

At first I thought it was a Balm by the shape of the tube, but when I opened it realised that it’s actually a liquid matte, with an angled brush head to make application very precise which is always a bonus when it comes to liquid lippies.

The formula itself is matte without being drying, and very creamy too which I liked. It doesn’t have a super matte finish like some of its liquid counterparts, but I actually preferred that for this formula and found it very easy to wear.

The colour is an orange-beige shade, perfect for an everyday look, and one I would happily wear into work or on days I want a more subtle tone.

Overall I’m really happy with this and am looking forward to trying out some more shades!

Sorcha 💋