Simply Lippy Challenge Day 350 | L’Oreal Metallic Lip Paint in Shade 305, Cute But Psycho

Metallic lipsticks were big this year, but I’ve had a kind of love/hate relationship with them. Some I’ve tried have been lovely with a real metallic pop, whereas others have been less metallic and more glitter, which I really don’t like at all.

Thankfully, this metallic lip from L’Oreal is one of the better ones I’ve tried for actually giving a metallic finish. The colour is almost a burnt rust shade, and it definitely has a metal-like look with a brilliant pigment.

I didn’t have high hopes for the colour itself, but in that regard I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The colour pay off is very good and it gives a full coverage finish to the lips too.

However, where this lippy falls down for me is with the formula. The consistency is very wet, in fact it’s probably one of the wettest lipstick formulas that I’ve tried this year. Because of that, it takes ages to dry in, and there is no moisturising element to it at all.

It dries in matte, giving a stain element to the lips which doesn’t budge once you apply it – this one is hard to get off so you really have to like it if you’re going to wear it! For me, it just kind of bugged me throughout the day. Although the shade was fab, I didn’t like the feel of it on my lips and was happy to remove it at the end of the day.

So overall it’s another disappointing metallic lip – I’ve come to realise that they just aren’t my thing. And that’s fine, we all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to beauty!

While it’s not for me, if you’re a metallic lip fan then you might like the pigment in this. Be prepared for the long drying time though!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 232 | L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Shade Plum Gold

L’Oreal do good lipsticks as a general rule of thumb, but unfortunately for me, their last Color Riche lippy I tried, Magnetic Coral, wasn’t good at all. I still don’t know whether it had gone off or something, but it was grainy and sand-like which made it very unpleasant to wear.

In the interest fairness however, and because I really like so many of their other lip products, I decided to give another one a try and opted for this metallic plum shade called Plum Gold.

Initially I was a bit dubious about it as it has a gold glitter element to it which I thought again might be grainy. Thankfully this time, the texture was a lot smoother and blended well on my lips leaving a soft shimmer from the gold effect.

Berry shades are some of my favourite lipstick shades and though I like this one, I wouldn’t say I love it. It’s fine, but just doesn’t have the same impact for me as say MAC’s Captive did the other day. I don’t tend to like glittery finishes so it could be that, but overall there’s nothing wrong with the lipstick per se.

It is moisturising to wear and does leave your lips feeling nice and soft both during and after application. The cream finish has a nice pigment and the staying power isn’t bad either, the only real negative being that when the colour wears off, you are left with a glitter / shimmer on your lips.

As plums go, I think there are better options on the market, but there’s a lot to be said for the lovely ingredients L’Oreal use in these lippies including Vitamin E and Omega 3 oils. So there are definitely lots of pros to buying one.

For me, I just didn’t love the glitter finish so I’m not sure I’d buy one again. 

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 226 | L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick in Shade 002, Virgin

There’s no beating around the bush with today’s lipstick so I’m going to keep it very short; I did not like it.

Usually L’Oreal have nice lipsticks overall so when I spotted this with its cushion applicator last week I was intrigued to try it out. But when I went to use it this morning, I knew straight away it wasn’t going to go well.

The cushion either wouldn’t pick up enough lipstick, or the lipstick I bought had dried out because it was such an effort to try get any lippy on the brush, let alone on my lips.

The little I did get was dry, hard to blend and didn’t apply well at all. To get any kind of colour, I had to put layer upon layer on my lips and apply to different sections each time. Not really what you want when getting ready in the morning!

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the colour; from the outside I though it would be a nice raspberry pink shade but in reality, it was more like a deep bubblegum shade.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything good to say about it so I think it’s just best to move on. If any of you have tried it though and do like it, then please let me know!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 174 | L’Oreal Lip Paint Matte in Shade 203, Tangerine Vertigo

You may recall me writing about these new L’Oreal lip paints previously throughout my challenge as I’ve worn two shades from the matte range that was released earlier in the year.

Of the two shades I tried, the first Hollywood Beige, was a gorgeous peach toned nude which I liked, and the second, King Pink, was a super bright pink shade which I wasn’t too sure about (mainly because that kind of pink isn’t really my thing).

However, what I absolutely loved about these was the creamy, velvety formula that really was so lovely to wear and kept my lips incredibly moisturised throughout the day.

The finish is a soft matte without being drying at all; the consistency is smooth, the pigment is great, and the staying power is pretty great too! So there’s a lot of positives when it comes to these lippies that’s for sure.

Today unfortunately though, I once again wasn’t a big fan of the shade. From both the name and the colour of the packaging, I was expecting this to be a rich orange-red shade, something similar to one of my favourites, Lady Danger, but it just wasn’t.

It was bold, but the orange shade was a very cool toned orange and just felt a bit ‘meh’ to me. There was nothing rich about it and it just felt very flat and non-descript. As with the pink shade I tried, there was nothing wrong with the shade per se, I just didn’t really like it.

I tend to go for warmer tones as I’m sure many of you know so maybe that’s why o didn’t like this so much, but regardless, the formula is lovely so this shade won’t stop me from trying out another colour soon!

What do you prefer when it comes to lipstick? Summer is a great time for warm shades, but do you prefer cool tones? Let me know by commenting below!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 127 | L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Shade 373, Magnetic Coral

If you caught my lipstick post from day 80 of my lipstick challenge, you will have seen me try out one of L’Oreal’s colour riche lipsticks in a lovely rose nude shade. It was my first time to try one of these lipsticks and I liked it so much, that I couldn’t wait to try it in another shade.

So when I was out shopping a few days ago, I decided to look at some of the other shades in the range, and came across the most gorgeous coral orange that I fell totally in love with, and of course, had to buy.

And what better day to try it out than a gorgeous sunny day like today. Or so I thought…

The colour is divine, and I love it, but that’s where the positives end for me. I don’t know whether I got a dud lippy or whether this is just the way the formula is, but the texture is just awful.

When I first applied it I thought there was some dust on my lips, but quickly I realised that it was actually the texture of the lipstick itself. It has the exact same texture as sand, and honestly, it was not pleasant at all.

Staying true to the challenge, I didn’t want to take the lipstick off so after applying a few layers to build up the colour, I tried to blend my lips together and remove as much of the gritty feel as possible.

The formula does have a shimmery finish to it that may be the reason for the gritty texture, but I would have much preferred the gorgeous soft finish of the Bois de Rose shade I tried previously. 

The colour was nice but it didn’t last at all on my lips, probably because I was constantly puckering and rubbing my lips together to get rid of the sand like feeling.

It really was just a major fail from start to finish and I didn’t enjoy wearing it at all. That being said, if they made this colour in a different finish, I’d be the first to buy it because it’s a gorgeous shade for a sunny day.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 106 | L’Oreal Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick in Shade 202, King Pink

Yesterday’s lipstick shade was a super vibrant, bright pink from the new lip paint range from L’Oreal, and one that I think may have been just a little too bright, even for me.

You may recall I first tried this new line of lippies from L’Oreal on Day 90, in a lovely orange toned nude shade called Hollywood Beige which I really liked. But unfortunately, I don’t think this pink shade is for me.

The formula is creamy and the finish is a soft matte which I really like. It’s very smooth and velvety to wear, and isn’t drying which is good as that sometimes can happen with matte finishes as we all know. So as lipsticks go, overall, I like these.

The colour is a very bright pink, with a cool undertone and while I usually love being adventurous with my lipstick shades, this pink just isn’t for me.

I have liked some of the pink shades I’ve tried for the challenge so far, but in general pinks just aren’t my thing, and that’s the case with this.

There’s nothing wrong with it per se, I just don’t really see myself wearing it again.

What do you think of this shade? I’m sure it’s one that will divide opinion! It’s a love or hate kind of shade so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 90 | L’Oreal Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick in Shade 201, Hollywood Beige

I only recently discovered some of L’Oreal’s newer lipstick collections, and this Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick is one of their newest releases.

When I was in Boots the other day, I noticed it on an ‘I’m new‘ stand and of course, had to investigate further!

At first I thought it was a Balm by the shape of the tube, but when I opened it realised that it’s actually a liquid matte, with an angled brush head to make application very precise which is always a bonus when it comes to liquid lippies.

The formula itself is matte without being drying, and very creamy too which I liked. It doesn’t have a super matte finish like some of its liquid counterparts, but I actually preferred that for this formula and found it very easy to wear.

The colour is an orange-beige shade, perfect for an everyday look, and one I would happily wear into work or on days I want a more subtle tone.

Overall I’m really happy with this and am looking forward to trying out some more shades!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 80 | L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Shade 302, Bois De Rose

My lipstick choice for Day 80 of my Simply Lippy challenge was a gorgeous creamy lipstick from L’Oreal’s Colour Riche range.

I had never tried this lipstick before and have to say, I’ve become a big fan. I don’t know why, but I never usually think of L’Oreal when it comes to lipstick, but this one really reminds me of Make Up For Ever’s Artist Rouge lippy which I wore on Day 57, and absolutely loved, and I’m loving this one almost as much as that.

It is super creamy and contains Vitamin E to keep your lips soft and hydrated while you wear. The pigment is rich and bold, and leaves a gorgeous, smooth colour after just one application which really makes me want to wear it again.

And, it also has that lipstick smell. You know the one I mean? The one that reminds you of playing with your Mum’s good lipstick as a child? That! Or was that just me…?!

Anyway, I just love that lipstick smell, it smells of beauty stories in times gone by or something; a luxurious smell, that for me, makes this lipstick a complete winner in my book. I know it sounds silly, but it is getting top marks for the nostalgia it creates alone, never mind the fact that it is just a lovely lippy!

I’ll definitely be trying out more shades from the range, but for now, I really love this berry rose shade and would happily wear it over and over again.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 76 | L’Oreal Infallible Matte Lip Color in Shade 401, Amen

Today’s lippy choice was a lovely liquid matte liquid from L’Oreal, and one which I have never tried before. I picked this up when out shopping last weekend and have to say, I’m very impressed.

The formula feels very luxurious on the lips, much more so than I was expecting, and has a lovely rich, creamy texture. It takes a while to dry in compared to other liquid mattes, but I kind of like that.

The colour is what I would describe as a creamy caramel, a great everyday shade for work or play.

You may have noticed that my Simply Lippy posts have been shorter and later than normal over the past few days. Please bear with me, we unfortunately have some personal things going on at the moment so I have had to take a little time out.

I promise I will be back to regular posting soon.

Sorcha 💋

Budget Beauty MakeUp Look

It’s been a while since I’ve done a makeup look or makeup tutorial so I thought it was about time I revisited them again. I like my makeup, I like good brands, I like good packaging as most beauty lovers do, but sometimes I feel that the more budget friendly brands get overlooked for their more expensive counterparts.

Yes I like my luxury products, but I do also have some favourites from the less expensive pharmacy stocked brands, and what’s more, there seems to be new products coming out from these brands all the time now that have me intrigued.

So today I’ve decided to put a makeup look together using only pharmacy bought products. Some are new to me, others I’ve used before, but most importantly, each product costs less than €15 so is very affordable.

I’ve been doing a few individual product reviews of late and therefore, I’m very conscious of trying to keep my posts interesting for all you lovely readers. I’m by no means a makeup artist, there of lots of amazing beauty bloggers out there who know a helluva lot more than I do. But I love playing around with makeup and trying new looks, so that’s what I’ve done.

Before I start, here’s a list of all the products I used and their price points:

  • L’Oreal Infallibile Mattifying Primer – €11.99
  • Bourjois City Radiance Skin Protecting Brightening Foundation – €13.99
  • NYX Contour Wonder Stick – €14.00
  • Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil – €4.79
  • Catrice Sand Nudes Eyeshadow Palette – €5.50
  • NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner – €7.99
  • L’Oreal Miss Hippy Mega Volume Mascara – €11.99
  • L’Oreal True Match Powder – €10.49
  • Bourjois Rose De Jaspe Blusher – €10.00
  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet Sheer Matte Lipgloss – €12.49

I started this look off as I always do with applying a thin coat of primer to my face. I hadn’t used this primer before but have heard quite a lot about it so I really wanted to give it a try. It has a gel like consistency, but is also quite wet, and therefore needs a good few minutes drying time before applying foundation.

For those of you familiar with the Smashbox Photo Finish primer, this has exactly the same feel and texture. Although it doesn’t have the quick drying time that the Smashbox option does, it comes very close to it. As I’ve only used this once, I can’t give a proper review, but first impressions are definitely positive.

Next, I applied a thin layer of the City Radiance foundation in shade 03 (light beige) using a small stippling brush and the first thing that hit me was the gorgeous scent. It smells amazing! The formula is extremely light weight, meaning it’s super blendable, and it also lived up to its claims of brightening the skin.

Another thing I really noticed about this foundation was how well it lasted all day long. It really has great staying power, and leaves your skin looking quite dewy. And we all know I love a nice dewy glow! I have seen so many bloggers raving about this recently which is why I decided to try it out and so far I have to say I’m liking the results. Again, I can’t give a proper review until I’ve used this for a few weeks but I promise to do a full blog post once I have.

As I was using the NYX contour stick, I decided not to use a concealer and instead use the brighter end of this stick to both conceal and highlight. I found the stick very easy to use, just a few quick wipes and you’re ready to go.

Using a small angled contour brush, I blended into the foundation and loved the highlight look it gave the skin under my eyes.

I then used the darker side of the stick to contour my cheek bones, my nose and the outer frame of my face to give some definition and structure. Again the pigment was very good, and overall very easy to apply.

The next step for me was applying brow pencil to my brows. I love a strong brow and the MAC brow pencil is literally my holy grail for brows. But I’ve used this pencil before and I have to say, it’s not bad at all. The only downside for today’s look is that this shade is just a fraction too dark for me, I used 04 Black Brown, but next time I think I’d be better going one shade lighter.

I do however love the brow brush head that comes with the pencil, it helps to blend the colour evenly and give a natural look to the brows.

Following on from my brows, I began blending my eyeshadows using my Catrice nude palette.. This palette has really gorgeous shades, I just love the peach shade, and the others are all definitely the kind of colours I like to wear on my eyes. I’ve had this for a while now but only got to test it out today for the first time. To be honest I have to say I was a little disappointed with the pigment on the shadows, for such lovely colours in the palette, it really took a lot to actually achieve the same colour on the eye.

I used four shades on my eyes, starting with the matte nude, then building the matte peach into the nude and blending over the entire eye. I then applied the dark shimmer brown to the outer eyelids and used the lighter matte brown shade to blend.

I followed the eyeshadow application by using the NYX vinyl liquid liner to create a very fine line and flick on the top eyelid. I’ve used this a couple of times now and just about starting to get the hang of it. I’m not great at applying brush liquid liners, but because the brush head is so thin on this, it’s much easier to apply and  to achieve the line thickness that you want.

To finish off my eyes I took the L’Oreal Miss Hippie mascara and applied light layers to my eyelashes. One word – love! I absolutely loved the application on this mascara as well as the formulation and I think this could very quickly become a new favourite of mine. The bristles on the brush head were very soft and applied exactly the right amount of liquid to the lashes.

The drying time was also very good and it really lifted my eyelashes to give them a full finish with great volume. It was one of those moments you don’t expect to happen, but you almost whisper ‘yes’ to yourself at the joy of having come across a great new product! Am I the only one who does that?!

After my eyes had set, I finished off my face with L’Oreal True Match powder and Bourjois Jasper rose blush. The True Match powder is super blendable, very easy to apply, and left a nice finish on my skin. I’ll have to try this out a little more, and with a few different foundations however, before I can give a proper opinion on it.

The Bourjois blush however I have used many times, and have loved many times. It never gets old, it does exactly what it claims to do, it is pigmented, it is long lasting, and it gives a wonderful shimmer to the cheek bones. I’ve used this blusher quite a few times before and the colour is just fab. An oldie but a goodie as the saying goes!

Finally, to complete my look, I decided to try out the Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet Sheer Matte Lipgloss in shade 04, Ravie en Rose. Again, I’ve seen a few reviews on these lip glosses and they’ve been on my list to try so today was a perfect excuse. But unfortunately this gloss didn’t quite live up to the expectations I had for it.

It took several applications, I’m talking at least four or five, to get a good colour out of the gloss which is such a turn off, especially for a matte lip product. Usually matte lippies are highly pigmented, but this fell short for me I’m afraid. The matte finish was good once I achieved the colour, but I don’t anticipate this lasting me too long if I have to use so much of it every time I apply.

So there you go… TADA! My final budget beauty makeup look. What do you think?

It was great playing around with different products today, especially as I got to try out some great new ones. The specific ones to watch for me however, are the City Radiance foundation and the Miss Hippie mascara. I’ve a feeling my relationship with these two is going to be a long one. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you liked this post, it’s quite different from what I usually write about so I’d really love to hear your thoughts and get some feedback.

I haven’t mastered the world of YouTube yet, and actually for me blogging is so much about the writing, so I don’t think that’s a road I’m going to go down. For now anyway. But hopefully I still managed to explain these products in detail through this post, and let you all know how I achieved this look.

Sorcha x