Simply Lippy Challenge Day 307 | MAC Lustre Lipstick in Shade, Lady Bug

Today’s lipstick shade is one of my Mum’s absolute favourite lipsticks so I decided I would try it out to see what she loves about it so much. She is currently coming to the end of this one as you can see, so I took it off her to add it to my challenge and see if I liked it too.

To start with, the Lustre range from MAC isn’t one that I wear too often. For me, the Creme and Matte finishes are just so gorgeous, I’m always drawn to those first. However, very early on in my challenge I wore a gorgeous soft mauve shade from the Lustre collection, Syrup, and loved how it felt on my lips. As a result, I was intrigued to see whether it would be as nice in a bolder shade.

My first impression was that, like most MAC lipsticks, the formula felt very soft and there was a nice creamy finish to it too. It blended well with good colour pay off, and it left my lips feeling nice and smooth.

The finish however has a sheer element to it which meant that the coverage was more light than opaque, and I did have to layer it a little to get a fuller coverage. There’s nothing wrong with the coverage at all, in fact, it’s nice to wear something light like this for a change, but it’s just not my favourite kind of coverage.

Given the slightly sheer finish, I was impressed with the lasting power, but then MAC lipsticks always have great staying power. It’s one of the many reasons why I reach for MAC lippies over and over again, and they are definitely one of my favourite lipstick brands. 

In terms of the shade itself, I liked the warm tone to the red, but as MAC reds go, I’d definitely choose my favourite Lady Danger or Mangrove over this any day!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 305 | Penneys PS… Lustre Lipstick in Shade, Watermelon

Throughout my challenge I’ve tried out a few different shade from the Penneys lustre range and I’ve liked pretty much all of them. Today’s shade, Watermelon, is no different and may be one of my favourite of them all given it’s lovely coral undertone.

These lipsticks have a satin sheer finish and though they aren’t particularly hydrating, they have enough creaminess to be moisturising and leave the lips feeling lovely and soft.

One thing I’ve always liked about this collection is the great pigment; from deep reds like Salsa, to the very nude Barely There, the pigment is very consistent with good colour pay off.

As finishes go, it’s one of my favourite from Penneys and the staying power isn’t bad. It doesn’t have the same lasting ability as their mattes, but holds its own pretty well nonetheless.

I can never get over how much I like Penneys lipsticks, especially given the price of this one was just €1.50! I mean, you really can’t get better than that.

It’s not as creamy or luxurious as some of my high-end favourites, but as budget lippies go, it’s definitely one of the better options.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 179 | Penneys PS… Lustre Lipstick in Shade Salsa

Let’s be honest, sometimes there is just nothing better than a bold red lip to make a statement. No stranger to an old red lip as many of you know, I’m always on the look out for new reds and my latest find is this one from Penneys.

I was lucky enough to be sent a few lippies by the lovely Penneys gals a few weeks back, and the minute I spotted this one, I was excited to give it a go.

The Lustre range has a selection of both bright and neutral shades, with a lovely creamy satin finish which I just love in a lippy. I have been very impressed with many of Penneys lipsticks throughout my challenge, apart from a small few, they really have been great quality for a budget brand.

So I loved the cream finish but what else did I like about this? Mainly, the insane pigment. There is no denying how gorgeous the pigment is and the colour pay off is equally good. One layer of this will give you a dramatic pop of colour and lift your makeup look to a new level.

The shade itself was cool toned, and I do tend to prefer warmer shades, but the very slight hint of raspberry in this won me over and I was a big fan by the end of the day.

Have any of you gone out and tried a Penneys lippy yet? I’m dying to have the chats about this one so as always, let me know by commenting below!


Simply Lippy Challenge Day 139 | Penneys PS Lustre Lipstick in Shade, Barely There

Ladies, I’m a little late with yesterday’s Simply Lippy post – I was working late and out last night so I just didn’t have a second to write my post. But, the lipstick I wore, is a little gem.

Penneys have been killing it with their beauty releases lately, and I’m sure many of you know, I’ve become a big fan of some of their lippies. There are one or two I’ve tried that haven’t been great, but I absolutely love their matte collection, and yesterday I tried out this lippy from their lustre collection which I was so generously sent during the week to try out and I really love it too.

The shade I wore, Barely There, is a barely there nude which has a caramel pink undertone to it. Now, I know that sounds strange, but it looks like caramel in the tube, but when you apply it, it has a pink feel about it which I really liked.

The formula itself is gorgeously creamy, and glides on the lips like an absolutely dream. The pigment is very impressive for a budget lippy, and it layers really well to build up a lovely colour without dragging it at all.

I did have to reapply it a few times, but nothing out of the norm for a creamy finish lipstick, and I loved how smooth it felt throughout the day.

I really liked wearing this and so it’s a big thumbs up once again for Penneys; I’ll definitely be trying this out in a few more shades!

Sorcha 💋