Simply Lippy Challenge Day 235 | Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in Shade E1581, See If I Carrot!

Many of my regular followers will know that I’ve become quite the fan of these balm stain lip crayons from Wet n Wild over the last six or so months of my challenge. I’ve always liked lip crayons in general, my favourite being Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, but I’ve been pretty impressed by some of the more budget friendly brands lately too.

These balm stains are soft, creamy and very nice to wear on the lips. Up to now, I’ve pretty much given all the shades I’ve tried a fairly positive review, some even great reviews. However, for the first time today, I’m a little disappointed.

The shade itself is a lovely orange shade, it’s more orange than coral so I was a bit dubious at first, but it actually looks very nice on, especially as it was a sunny day. The formula is creamy so it does feel like a balm as expected, but for some reason I felt that it wasn’t quite as blendable as previous shades.

Maybe it’s because the finish is sheer, but I found the colour dragged as I was blending which was a little annoying. It also didn’t give the same pop of colour that I’m used to with these and the stain element was very uneven.

Now in the interests of fairness, my lips are slightly drier than normal at the moment so maybe it’s me, and not the lippy itself. But even still, I kind of felt a bit irritated by it and half way through the day ended up putting some lip balm on to blend it all out properly.

You win some you lose some as the saying goes, and today’s choice for me was on the losing side. It was fine, but didn’t quite give me the smile that I’m used to getting from these.

Sorcha 💋


Simply Lippy Challenge Day 159 | Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in Shade E1641, Caffeine Fix

I’ve worn a few of Wet n Wild’s Megaslicks balm stains throughout the challenge so far, and they are one of my favourite go-to budget lip crayons.

For a budget lippy, these lip crayons are lovely to wear; they are moisturising and creamy which makes application very easy, and the pigment isn’t half bad either.

This shade probably wouldn’t be my favourite of the ones I’ve tried as it is quite nude with a slightly sheer finish. But, I do like the caramel tone to it, and love how soft my lips feel when I wear one of these.

I was very kindly given this shade at a Wet n Wild event the other day, and I was talking to some of my lovely blogger pals beforehand saying how impressed I have been with Wet n Wild as a brand overall, and they all agreed!

Sure, some products are better than others, but that’s true of any brand really, so I think as budget brands go, this is definitely one worth trying out if you don’t want to break the bank.

What do you guys think? Have any of you tried these lip colour balms? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so let me know by commenting below.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 87 | Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in Shade E1591, Coral of the Story

If you’ve been following my Simply Lippy challenge for a while now, you may have noticed that my posts recently have been a little shorter than normal.

I had to take some time out over the past few weeks but I’ll be back to proper blog posts from now on!

Today’s lipstick choice was another of the Megaslick Balm Stain’s from Wet n Wild in a colour that I absolutely love, Coral of the Story.

I wore one of these lip crayons on Day 52 of my challenge in a lovely berry shade, and was pleasantly surprised by how nice both the formula and pigment was. And while I’m liking it again today, there were a few slight disappointments.

This shade is just gorgeous and my favourite kind of shade to wear, and the application is super easy with the creamy formula.

However, I did notice that the stain was a bit patchy as I went through the day today, and didn’t soak in to my lips quite as well as the previous shade I wore which was a little annoying. But because I liked the colour so much, I just kept reapplying to keep it even and smooth.

If it was a more expensive lipstick I most likely would have been put off, but as these are so inexpensive and budget friendly, I didn’t mind so much as I usually would.

I find balms like this so handy to have in your bag when on the go, it’s just a shame it didn’t have a better lasting effect.

Have you tried these Megaslicks lip crayons? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sorcha 💋