Simply Lippy Challenge Day 281 | Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lip Gloss in Shade 260, My Eternity

Some of you may have seen some earlier reviews I did on these lip glosses from Rimmel; I’ve tried out two other shades from this collection so far throughout my challenge and I really like them.

The thing I’ve been liking most about these is the Argan Oil base, which makes them feel so soft and luxurious on the lips. When you first apply it, it feels slightly thick, but once blended, takes on a lovely smooth texture that is much lighter than you expect.

As glosses go, they are probably one of my favourites that I’ve tried, mainly because there is no stickiness, and my hair doesn’t get caught in my lips ever time I wear it.

The shade of the particularly gloss is very neutral, in fact, there’s barely a tinted shade at all. What it does have however, is a kind of metallic shimmer look that I actually really liked as it gave a very subtle colour to my lips on a day when I didn’t want much at all.

Overall I think these are such a great option if you’re a gloss fan, and this particular shade adds an extra dimension to your lips if you want a neutral gloss colour. I would happily wear it again, especially when I want a relaxed, carefree makeup day.

What’s your favourite lip gloss?

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