Simply Lippy Challenge Day 21 | NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Penny Arcade

Today I hit the three week mark of my Simply Lippy challenge and I can’t believe I’m almost a month into the challenge. Granted, there’s still a long way to go yet, but each month that passes is another month closer to my goal and that makes me very excited.

This week’s lipstick shades were bold and bright, and I really loved playing around with some strong colours. For the coming week however, my shades are going to be a little more tame as I’m going to be starting my new job on Monday and therefore I think I’ll need to reign in the brightness just a little until I get settled in. I do promise to keep the shades relevant to the season we’re in, but they will just be slightly more understated than you’ve seen so far.

Now, on to today’s shade…

I’m feeling a little under the weather today and haven’t been doing a whole lot so I’ve gone with a very soft, natural makeup look with a subtle lip courtesy of NARS. The shade, Penny Arcade, is from the NARS Larger Than Life lip gloss collection and I’ve had it for quite some time. In fact, I forgot I had it until I began gathering all my lippies together a few weeks ago for my challenge.

Lip glosses by their very nature are softer than lipsticks and therefore are a great option if you want a very natural look. While I don’t think they make this particular shade anymore, it was one of my favourites for a long time. It is a gorgeous pink, raspberry shade, and gives a very intense shiny finish to the lips. It also has a thin, short brush-end which makes application very easy and precise.

As you can see from my photos, this shade is not too dramatic but you still get a lovely pop of colour that brightens up the lips and lifts your entire makeup look.

I do tend prefer lipsticks overall, but it’s nice to wear a gloss every once in a while to mix things up a bit. What about you guys? Do you prefer lipstick or lip gloss?

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Sorcha 💋

My Faves Part 3: NARS Orgasm Blush

This week’s ‘My Faves’ product is the now infamous Orgasm Blush from NARS. This has been on the market for quite a few years now and is most definitely a cult favourite among beauty lovers and makeup artists alike.

I’ve been using this blush for so long, but I tend to take a break from it every so often. I hadn’t used it since last year and so last week,  I decided it was time to revisit this little old gem. Only when I went to look for it I realised I had none left which never happens to me. Ever! I usually always have one on hand at home for when I need it, so needless to say when I was makeup shopping over the weekend this was first on my list.

The Orgasm shade to me is the perfect blush shade. I would describe it as kind of a peachy pink and it has a gorgeous shimmer finish which gives a lovely glow to the cheek bones. The best thing about the pigment on this blush is that you can wear it very softly with just one light layer, or you can apply multiple layers for a stronger look, and the colour looks equally great with both.

The micronised powder, according to NARS, ensures a soft, blendable application and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more. One quick sweep of the brush and your cheeks are perfectly pink.

I’m sure many of you beauty lovers have used this over the years, it’s a staple product for any makeup bag and hence why it’s number three on my list of all-time favourite products.

If you’re not familiar with it however and fancy giving it a go, it costs €30 and I bought mine in Brown Thomas Dublin.

Sorcha x

Wedding Makeup Look

Last Saturday I did this makeup look for my cousins wedding. I was wearing a black dress so decided to go for a smokey eye and neutral lip. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I tend to wear more natural makeup during the week, so on weekends I love to play around with different eye shadows and colours for a more dramatic look, especially if I have something on.

For this look I primed my face with my Zo Skin Health Dr. Obagi Sunscreen and Primer to start – this is a product I use regularly as part of my skin care regime. I started using Dr. Obagi products about five years ago after a visit to my dermatologist and have never looked back since. But I’ll do a full post on that another time!

This primer is amazing for holding your make up in place, and it has a very slight tint so it gives a lovely glow to your skin too. Once I applied this, I followed by a blending my foundation over my face.

Given that it was an early start and I was tired, I then applied a generous amount of concealer under my eyes, on my nose, the top of my cheek bones and my chin using my Charlotte Tilbury ‘Retoucher’ concealer pen to cover any dark circles and blemishes. I find this Retoucher pen so easy to use, and the consistency of the concealer is light meaning it blends well into your foundation.

To complete the face, I blended a light layer of face powder over my foundation to seal it then applied blusher to my cheekbones using ‘Legendary’ blush from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection.

I followed this by dabbing a small amount of highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones with my finger using this fab gold shimmer cream highlighter from the RiRi Loves MAC collection. This one of my favourite highlighters but I use it very sparingly as it was a limited edition range and I’m trying to prolong running out!

To finish off my cheeks, I applied light dusting of MAC mineralise skin finish powder in ‘Soft and Gentle’ to give an added glow.

I wouldn’t usually highlight as much as I did here, but as it was a wedding and I wanted the glow to last all day and night.

Now on to my eyes…

After filling in my brows with my MAC brow pencil, I started by applying ‘Foxy’ from my Naked2 palette all over my eye as a base coat, adding a touch of ‘Bootycall’ to the inner part of the eye for a pop of brightness.

This was followed by adding a mix of black from my NARS Self Portrait 2 palette, and YDK from Naked2 in the crease of my eyelid and blending together. I then added a light layer of ‘Busted’ from the Naked2 palette on the eyelid and underneath the waterline on the bottom of my eye to enhance the smokey look. The mix of black and brown gave a perfect day time smokey effect without being too dark.

Once I was done blending, I then applied a thick line of eyeliner to the upper eyelid, and black kohl eyeliner to the waterline of my bottom eyelid for a more dramatic effect. I finished it off by applying mascara to both my upper and lower lashes.

To complete the entire look, I puckered up and applied some ‘Revved Up’ from the Ellie Goulding collection for MAC to my lips for a slightly tinted neutral lip.

So there you have it. A perfect day-to-night smokey eye look!

Here’s a look at the full list of products I used:

  • Zo Skin Health – Oclipse Sunscreen &   Primer Protection
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (NW25)
  • MAC Sudio Fix Powder (C35)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher Concealer Pen (Shade 2)
  • MAC Marylin Monroe Blush (Legendary)
  • RiRi Loves MAC Cream Highlighter (Diamonds)
  • MAC Brow Pencil (Spiked)
  • NARS Andy Warhol Self Portrait 2 Palette (Black, White & Silver)
  • Urban Decay Naked2 Palette
  • MAC Penultimate Eyeliner Pen in Rapid Black
  • YSL Faux Cils Mascara
  • MAC Eye Kohl Pencil (Smolder)
  • Ellie Goulding for MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil (Revved Up)

Don’t you just love playing around with makeup?!

Happy Wednesday…

Sorcha x