Simply Lippy Challenge Day 187 | & Other Stories Lip Balm in Paille Blush 

After many years of waiting, & Other Stories finally arrived in Ireland at the end of last year and I have quickly become a fan of their clothes. Until today however, I hadn’t tried anything from their beauty range but first impressions are definitely good.

When deciding what lippies to buy, I was intrigued by their tinted lip balms and so decided to buy this lovely soft peach shade to put to the test.

The balm itself is very creamy and quite thick in consistency. I actually quite liked the thickness because it gave a richness to the balm that was lovely, and also meant that it stayed in place pretty well throughout the day.

Where it falls down for me a little however, is the pigment. I was really hoping this would give a lovely peach pop to my lips, but really there wasn’t much of a colour tint at all. That could just be down to the fact that I chose a pale shade so I may have to try some of the bolder shades to judge it properly.

Aside from the colour however, I did really like the formula and how moisturising it is, so I’ll happy try it again in a bolder shade to see if the pigment is any better.

Sorcha 💋