Simply Lippy Challenge Day 355 | Penneys PS… Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in Shade 02, Blush

After all the bronze tones I’ve worn over the past few days, I’ve been craving a bright, non-metallic lip, and today’s choice from Penneys was exactly that.

I’m not going to get into how impressed I’ve been with Penneys’ lipsticks this year; my regular readers will already know that I’m a big fan. However, I think today’s lipstick choice might just be one of my favourite shades of the year.

I love a coral lip, and the salmon coral tone of this lipstick is to die for. This is the kind of shade I would adore during the summer, especially if away on holidays. I just love a lippy that makes me feel summery!

The pigment as you can see, is bold and rich; it gives a full coverage finish to the lips and you get an amazing colour pay off from the second you apply it.

The formula is wet as most liquid mattes initially are, but it dries in quickly to leave a very dry, super matte finish that doesn’t budge off the lips. Believe me, the staying power with this is brilliant!

On the downside, because of the very good staying power, my lips did feel a bit dry towards the later part of the day, so I would recommend having a lip balm handy in case you suffer from dry lips like me.

Having said that, I liked the shade so much that the dryness won’t stop me wearing it again! I really loved it and can’t wait for Spring to arrive so I can wear it again.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 340 | Penneys PS… Colour Intense Lipstick in Shade, Ambition

You all know by now how impressed I’ve been with the Penneys beauty range over the past year, particularly their lipsticks. Over and over again, I try different shades and formulas, and for the most part, I really like them. But some, like today’s, I absolutely love!

This lippy is from a range I haven’t tried before but I like it for so many reasons. Firstly, the shade itself is a gorgeous orange toned red; the kind of shade that I’m always drawn to especially at this time of year. It has incredible pigment and the colour pay off is also excellent; as soon as you apply it you get brilliant pop of colour that blends so easily on the lips.

The formula is creamy and very balm-like, with a lovely smooth texture. The balm element to it is very moisturising and my lips felt instantly softer as soon as I applied it which doesn’t often happen with budget lipsticks.

Because of its balm like element, the finish has a slight gloss to it and while that isn’t usually my preferred finish in a lipstick, I do really like it in a balm. It gives a lovely shine to the lips that you wouldn’t get with other finishes and adds an extra dimension to the colour too.

The only downside to a gloss finish however, is the lasting power. Gloss or high shine finishes never have the same staying ability as that of a cream or matte, so you do have to be prepared to top up and reapply throughout the day. Having said that, the staying power isn’t too bad at all with this, and it wears off pretty well without cracking on the lips.

Overall, I love the brightness of the shade and definitely see myself wearing it again. My lips felt so soft all day so it’s also a great option for anyone who suffers from dry lips, especially with all the cold weather we’re having now.

Have you tried any Penneys’ lippies yet?

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 322 | Penneys PS… Matte Lip Kit in Shade, Punked

If you’ve been following my challenge up to now, I’m sure you will have already seen one of my reviews on the Penneys’ PS matte lip kits. Of all the Penneys lip products that I’ve tried in the past year, they are without a doubt one of my favourites, simply because the pigment is incredible.

For today I decided not to wear the lip liner and instead, went straight for the liquid lipstick. I’m just not a big liner person, and to be honest, the shade is so bold and dramatic, I really didn’t think I needed it. The applicator is also quite fine on these liquid lipsticks which allows you to get a very precise application.

As the shade is so dark, I paired it with a barely there makeup look; just foundation, blusher and a lick of mascara. It’s definitely one of those shades where the rest of your makeup needs to take a back seat to your lips and though it might have been a little too dark, even for me, I still kinda loved it!

The pigment is incredible as I’m sure you can tell from the photos, and the colour pay off is equally as good. You only need a very small amount to get a full, opaque coverage, and once it dries it leaves nice smooth matte finish on the lips.

As it’s a liquid matte formula, it’s quite wet when you first apply it and isn’t hydrating or moisturising so don’t be expecting any creaminess to it if you’re wearing it. However, it doesn’t dry out the lips and it wears pretty well during the day without cracking or flaking off.

It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea I know, and I’m sure I got a few funny looks while walking around during the day, but let’s be honest, that’s never stopped me before when it comes to a bold lip!

What do you think about a shade like this? Are you brave enough to go bold?! I think next time I wear this, I might save it for a night out on the town, rather than a Sunday wandering around the shops.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 305 | Penneys PS… Lustre Lipstick in Shade, Watermelon

Throughout my challenge I’ve tried out a few different shade from the Penneys lustre range and I’ve liked pretty much all of them. Today’s shade, Watermelon, is no different and may be one of my favourite of them all given it’s lovely coral undertone.

These lipsticks have a satin sheer finish and though they aren’t particularly hydrating, they have enough creaminess to be moisturising and leave the lips feeling lovely and soft.

One thing I’ve always liked about this collection is the great pigment; from deep reds like Salsa, to the very nude Barely There, the pigment is very consistent with good colour pay off.

As finishes go, it’s one of my favourite from Penneys and the staying power isn’t bad. It doesn’t have the same lasting ability as their mattes, but holds its own pretty well nonetheless.

I can never get over how much I like Penneys lipsticks, especially given the price of this one was just €1.50! I mean, you really can’t get better than that.

It’s not as creamy or luxurious as some of my high-end favourites, but as budget lippies go, it’s definitely one of the better options.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 299 | Penneys PS… Matte Lip Kit in Shade Riot

A few different shades of these matte lip kits were sent to me a few months ago by the lovely ladies in Penneys and I’ve really liked every shade I’ve tried so far. From very nude to rich red, there is a great colour range and this one today might just be one of my favourites.

It is a very bold purple berry shade so it’s not for the faint hearted, but I love a dramatic lip shade like this every so often and what better time to wear a purple lip than for a Friday night out.

I decided to pair it with a very dark smokey eye rather than the usual lick of eyeliner, and I loved the pop of colour that this gave to my makeup look.

The first step of applying this duo is lining the lip. As with the previous lip kits, I was surprised by how creamy the lip liner is which makes it very easy to apply. 

The formula of the lipstick itself is very wet when you first apply it, but it dries in quickly to leave a smooth matte finish with an intense pigment and great colour pay off.

If you’ve been following my challenge all year, you’ll know that Penneys lip products have continued to impress me and some of them have become my new favourites. I love the sultry look of this particular one and think it is a fab winter lip option if you’re a fan of a bold lip. 

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 276 | Penneys PS… Saint or Sinner Lip Vinyl in Shade, Gone Rogue

You all know by now that I love a Penneys bargain buy every now and then (like most of us Irish girls), but it’s their beauty range that has been really catching my attention over the past few months.

Some of you may remember how in love I was with their liquid matte lippy they released a few months ago, not to mention their new highlighters which I am currently obsessed with. Their beauty collections are going from strength to strength right now, and today’s lipstick choice is another example of that.

When I was in the store last week, I noticed this lip vinyl on one of the shelves. Now, it definitely wasn’t there the last time I was in the shop so I’m assuming it’s a new addition to the collection, which of course I had to try!

First off, it is similar to the lip cream I tried yesterday from IsaDora, the only real difference being that the consistency of this is a lot thicker. While I do prefer the lightness of the IsaDora formula, the thickness of this gave a richness to the lips and I only needed to apply a very small amount.

The pigment as I’m sure you can tell is intense, and I adore the plum shade for this time of year. It’s exactly the kind of shade that totally transforms your makeup the minute you apply it.

Because of the thick formula, the lasting power wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped it would be, but it wasn’t bad. This will need to be reapplied throughout the day, but really that’s no big surprise for such a high shine finish.

I know not everyone will like a shade as bold as this, but there seemed to be quite a few shade options to choose from. Plus, at only €2.50, they won’t break the bank.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 256 | Penneys PS Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick in Shade Livid

It’s no secret by now that when it comes to lipstick, I’ve become a huge fan of Penneys products. They manage to do pigment so well and that’s particularly true when it comes to some of their liquid mattes.

Today’s shade is a gorgeous bright red, a classic red as I would describe it, and as you can see from the pictures, the pigment is just incredible. One layer of this gives an amazing colour pay off, and the shade looks exactly the same on your lips as it does in the tube.

In terms of formula, these are quite wet initially so they do take a few minutes to dry. However, once dry, the staying power is really brilliant, and it doesn’t crack on your lips throughout the day.

There is no real hydrating or moisturising element to the Kiss Proof range, so making sure your lips are hydrated before you apply the lippy, is definitely a good idea. But I didn’t find it drying on my lips either which was a major plus, especially as I suffer from dry lips in general.

I really can’t get over how good these are given the low price point; you don’t expect them to be as good as they are when you first try one, but believe me, the surprise is worth it!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 252 | Penneys Peachy Keen Lip Soufflé 

Penneys (Primark for my non-Irish readers), have been absolutely killing it with their beauty releases lately. The quality of some of their products is really good, and today’s lippy is another little gem.

I’m not sure how new this lippy is, it definitely wasn’t in stores a few months ago, but it’s part of a peach range that I came across when I was picking up some bits the other day.

Peachy Keen, is a lovely soft lip gloss that has quite a vinyl-like feel to it, and is very good quality for a gloss. When I applied this, I was really impressed by the soft feel of the formula, as well as the non-sticky finish which felt quite velvety once applied.

The shade itself is quite pink and I was expecting more of a peach shade. Nonetheless, the pigment isn’t bad for a gloss finish, and as glosses go, it’s one of the nicer ones that I’ve tried.

I’m not a huge gloss fan in general as many of my regular readers will know; I definitely prefer a lipstick to a lip gloss. In saying that however, it is nice to wear one every now and then and I really liked wearing this one today.

You don’t get any moisturising element or hydration with this so my lips did feel like they needed a bit of balm by the end of the day, but the formula itself wasn’t drying.

Given the €2.50 price point, this is a pretty good budget gloss option if you like a gloss, and the size is very handy for throwing in your handbag when you’re on the go too!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 236 | Penneys PS… Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick in Shade, Impose

I’ve tried many Penneys’ lipsticks over the course of the past eight months, most of which I’ve liked, some of which I’ve loved, and today’s shade I’m happy to say, falls into the ‘love’ category.

Recently, Penneys brought out a new range of matte lip kits which I’ve totally fallen in love with, but in the process, forgot how good some of their previous liquid matte offerings were.

Today’s shade is from their Kiss Proof range and is just divine! It’s a very bright pink which we all know can be dangerous territory for me depending on the tone, but actually, I found myself loving this pop of brightness all day.

The formula is quite wet on application allowing you to blend and get an even, opaque coverage before it dries in. Once dry, you’re left with a super matte finish that has really incredible staying power for a budget brand, and although it does get quite dry, my lips weren’t dehydrated after wearing it which was a pleasant surprise.

I’ve tried so many different lipsticks; 236 is a lot, and because of that, I sometimes forget about the lippies that I’ve really liked, but I don’t think I’ll forget this one in a hurry. I’m just obsessed with it!

It has to be said, Penneys are really giving some of the more expensive brands a run for their money in the beauty stakes at the moment and I, for one, am loving it!

If you’re a fan of liquid mattes and you love a bargain, then seriously buy one of these because they could be right up your street.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 210 | Penneys PS Matte Lip Kit in Shade Obsessed

You may recall a few weeks ago I tried out one of the new matte lip kits from Penneys and fell absolutely in love with it. Not only was the shade incredible, but the finish and staying power were both pretty great too.

So, naturally when trying out my second shade in the collection today, I was excited to see if it lived up to the very high expectations I now have of these lippies. And it did, well kinda.

The formula is the same great formula that I experienced when trying out the first shade; it is smooth and though quite wet when you first apply, it dries in very quickly with great colour pay off.

The liner is creamy and smooth as I expected, and the light formula makes it very easy to apply and blend before adding the liquid lipstick element to it.

Where this doesn’t quite live up to expectations for me however, is with the shade. The lightest shade in the collection, this one is just a little non-descript for me, and a bit paler than I was hoping for.

The shade is a pink nude that has a mauve undertone to it and though it’s nice, it doesn’t have the amazing impact that the bright red shade did. I think that’s personal preference more than anything really as many people prefer nude tones over bright or bold.

The good thing about it is that it works with any makeup look, simple or dramatic, and for that reason is a good all rounder choice.

It’s has a super matte finish though so don’t expect it to be balm-like or moisturising either!

Sorcha 💋