Simply Lippy Challenge Day 323 | Clinique Rouge Impact Lipstick in Shade 12, Red

I don’t often wear Clinique lipsticks, but of the few that I’ve tried this year, I generally quite like them. I’m also a huge fan of their chubby stick colour lip crayons which I’m sure my regular readers will already know. I just love them!

Apart from the chubby sticks however, I think today’s lippy is my favourite of all that I’ve tried.

From the Rouge Impact collection, this lipstick is incredibly creamy and feels so moisturising on your lips. It is very hydrating, almost in a balm-like way, and makes your lips feel very smooth.

The pigment is excellent with great colour pay off, and I love this bright red shade which has a slightly warm undertone. Warm reds have always been my favourite over cooler tones, but this shade has a nice in between tone for those who like both.

The satin-gloss finish makes the colour pop even more, and although the finish has a slight gloss to it, the staying power is very good, mainly because the texture is so thick and creamy.

Sometimes you just need to don a red lip, and I loved how this one felt today. It wore really well and kept my lips feeling soft all day.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 141 | DuWop Private Lipstick in Shade Red

For today’s lipstick shade I decided to wear the final lipstick from the DuWop mini lipstick trio I bought a couple of months ago.

You may remember that I wasn’t at all impressed by the first shade I wore from the set, Nude, but I was proven a little wrong when I wore my second shade , Plum, which looked and felt a lot better than the first.

I thought my change of opinion was down to the fact that the pigment wasn’t good in the nude shade as it was much nicer in Plum, and because of that, the lasting power was better too.  But unfortunately today, I’m veering back towards my original opinion on these.

First off, the pigment on today’s Red shade is quite nice, and the colour pay off is very good after just one application. But my big problem with it is the wet-like consistency. There is just very little creaminess, if any, and therefore I’m left feeling a bit ‘meh’.

The lasting power is fine, and there is a slight stain element with the pigment, but it doesn’t seem to be as good as it was with the plum shade which I really liked.

The red is a cool toned red and actually, is nice enough given that cool tones aren’t usually my go-to. So, it’s not that this lipstick is very bad, it’s just that it doesn’t do much for me. I like rich, creamy formula’s especially with satin finishes, and this just doesn’t have either.

I’ve tried it, it was grand but, I won’t be trying it again!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 59 | PS… High Colour Lip Crayon in Shade Red

First things first, happy Pancake Tuesday everyone! I’ve just finished eating some very bold, but very delish pancakes and I’m not one bit sorry!

Anyway, today’s lippy choice is another of Penneys’ PS… lip crayons, which if you read my Day 38 post, you will know I was pretty impressed by.

These lip crayons have great pigment – today’s bright orange shade really proves that. Although I do have one issue with it, and that is: this shade claims to be red, so much so it is simply called, Red. But to me, it is undoubtedly orange. And I don’t mean red with an orange undertone, but a bright orange-orange!

Even still, I do like these lip crayons in general. The formula is creamy and blendable, and although they aren’t the best long last lippies that I’ve tried, the lasting power isn’t too bad considering they are a budget buy and very affordable.

As you all know by now, I do really love a bright lip colour, especially orange shades, so I think I’m sure I’ll use this again. However, it is very similar, almost identical in fact, to the Penneys orange matte shade Fizz that I wore on Day 53 of the challenge; the only different being this has a cream gloss finish as opposed to matte.

So, if had to choose between the two, I think I’d have to choose the matte lipstick over this, simply because the formula is so good on the matte and I really like the finish. But, as orange lipsticks go, it’s not a bad choice and I enjoyed wearing it today. 

Sorcha 💋

On Wednesdays I Wear Red

I love nothing more than brightening up a black-on-black outfit with a pop of lip colour and that’s exactly the look I’ve gone for on this dull, rainy Wednesday in Dublin.

Today it’s all about red. Lipstick red. Lady Danger red to be exact.

Like lots of beauty lovers, I love a strong lip. One small application can totally transform your whole outfit, not just your makeup, and MAC’s Lady Danger is one of my ultimate favs. I’m talking up there, top ten, maybe top three, kind of fav!

For those of you not familiar with it (I doubt there is many of you), Lady Danger is a coral-red, matte based lippy with the most incredible staying power.

The perfect way to brighten up your hump day!

Sorcha x