Simply Lippy Challenge Day 306 | Kiko Smart Fusion Lipstick in Shade 418, Blackberry 

Today’s lipstick shade is a very bold berry shade, and although it won’t be to everyone’s taste, I love a bold shade like this especially in Winter.

I’ve tried a few different shades in the Smart Fusion range, most of which have been lovely, particularly Grape, which I wore a few weeks back.

One of the things I liked about this range initially was the pigment which is very good, especially as the finish of these lipsticks is a slightly sheer cream. I don’t know if it’s because this shade is so dark though, but the pigment in it just wasn’t as good as some of the previous shades.

The sheer element was much more obvious and I felt like the colour was slightly dragging when I applied it. If you’re dubious of shades like this, a good way to try them out is by choosing a sheer finish as it’s not quite as dramatic as an opaque matte. But given that I usually adore this kind of shade, I just found myself feeling a bit disappointed by it.

The creaminess is nice and it smells of delicious sweet vanilla, and it also makes the lips feel very smooth and moisturised. However, I wouldn’t call it hydrating and because the shade is so bold, I found the lasting power wasn’t as good as with previous shades.

All in all, I love the colour, but wish the finish had been more opaque this time around.

What do you guys think? Do you love a bold lip too or is this a step too far? As always I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 294 | Kiko Smart Fusion Lipstick in Shade 415, Raspberry

I first tried one of these smart fusion lipsticks from Kiko a few weeks back, and I really loved the moisturising, creamy feel that it gave to my lips. The colour pay off and formula was very nice, so today I decided to try a second shade from the range in a rich raspberry colour.

Though the name of this shade is Raspberry, when I first opened it, it looked very much like a cherry or deep red shade so I was a little dubious. However, as soon I applied it, the raspberrry shade came through and I really loved the colour pay off I got with it.

The formula is very creamy like I mentioned above, and it has a gorgeous vanilla scent that made me like it even more. The creaminess meant it was very easy to apply and blend, and a little goes a long way too.

For such a creamy lipstick, it does have a slight sheer finish, and is probably best described as a satin finish more than anything else. Because of its shine element, I didn’t think the staying power would be amazing, but it actually was pretty good considering.

As pink shades go, raspberry is definitely my favourite pink, and I really liked how this one looked on. For me, Kiko is one of the better budget brands, and these lipsticks are just further proof of that. It’s just a shame there are no Kiko shops here in Ireland!

Have you tried any Kiko products?

Sorcha 💋