Sunday Silence

Every so often I share a Sunday Silence post, where I write about meditation, gratitude and mindfulness. Sundays are funny days, and I mean funny in the strange kind of way, they are usually quieter than the other bustling days of the week (for me anyway), and because of that, on Sundays I always try to take some time out to meditate and ponder a new week ahead.

I’ve suffered with varying degrees of anxiety for many years now and through the practice of meditation, gratitude and mindfulness, I have learned how to keep it at bay and not become so overwhelmed that I end up having a panic or anxiety attack. Well most of the time anyway. Many people are familiar with these words I’m sure, so many of us suffer from anxiety these days and I know I’m always looking for new ways to deal with it.

As I begin my meditation this evening and clear my mind for a new week ahead, I decided to share the Optimist’s Creed with you all. Many of you may be familiar with it, I came across it for the first time when I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I read this to myself every single day and it has helped me in more ways than I can say:



I hope you have some silence this Sunday, and I hope this helps to still your mind in the same way it has helped me.

Sorcha x

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Sunday Silence

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I had a nice relaxed weekend this weekend I’m happy to say. The hubby and I are celebrating three years together today, and although our wedding date is our new anniversary, we still felt like celebrating.

We spent a lovely weekend out walking, lunching, talking and spending time together, and last night went for a gorgeous dinner in one of our favourite restaurants. It was the perfect quiet weekend after a few stressful weeks.

However, the weekend is drawing to a close and I know that this week again, is going to be a tough one. Instead of filling myself with dread, anxiety and worry as I usually do, today I decided to turn to my meditation, to be still with my thoughts and silence the worry away.

For the skeptics among you, I get it, my hubby is one of you, but the power meditation has to help you cope with stress is just incredible. Five or ten quiet minutes, just breathing and being still, has almost the same relaxation effect as a great spa weekend away! And I’m so glad that I have it.

I’m by no means an expert, I am only learning meditation myself, but if there is something troubling you or worrying you, I would definitely recommend giving meditation a try. I’ve suffered with anxiety for years, as many people do, and it has really helped me cope with how I’m feeling and keep myself calm in stressful situations.

I may talk about it in more detail another time, but I wish when I first started suffering with anxiety that I knew more about meditation. I discovered it because of my Dad who practices meditation daily, and never realised the power it has over the body and mind until I began practising it myself. The power of the mind is an incredible thing, and we take it so much for granted.

So on this quiet Sunday I just want to say, if you’re a bit worried or down, or stressed or anxious, maybe give it a go, sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few mintues. It won’t be earth shattering, but it might help, even if just a little.


Sorcha x

Cosy Candle Sundays

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me share a picture of a Wonderwick Noir candle from the Country Candle Company a few days ago. I came to have this candle by accident really – I had bought some candles as gifts for all my lovely friends who came to celebrate my hen party a while back. There was a slight mix-up with my order however, so as an apology, the company very kindly sent me three candles from their Wonderwick Noir, Bloomsbury and Superstars collections in December.


As a serious candle addict, I am always on the look out for new candles. I go through candles quicker than I go through anything else, in fact, if I was to add up the amount I go through in a month let alone a year, I think I’d be in for a serious shock. But it’s love what can I say…!

Although all three candles are nice, it’s not very often I come across a new candle that stacks up against my old favorites, but the Wonderwick Noir candle in Spiced Lime is AMAZE. Apart from its sleek design, the scent is divine and the burn is brilliant. The candle’s wooden wicks claim to ‘throw the scent further, faster‘ and I have to say our living room smells amazing when it’s lighting – so far, so good. Aside from that, many candles claim to have long burn times but only burn down the centre leaving so much unmelted wax behind. This is a serious pet peeve of mine! But I was pleasantly surprised to find this candle burns evenly down its glass container. I’m loving it, so much so, I’m only lighting it for short periods of time so it doesn’t burn out too quickly.

If you’re a candle addict like me then this is one definitely worth checking out. Perfect for a cosy Sunday on the couch, which is exactly how I plan on spending my Sunday today while I nurse my flu.

Hope you’re all having a lovely cosy Sunday too!

Sorcha x