Simply Lippy Challenge Day 364 | Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color in Shade 24, Emma

As my lipstick challenge draws to a close, of course I had to leave a very special lipstick for the penultimate day. While you’ll have to wait just one more day to see what my final choice is, today’s lippy might just be my favourite of all the Tom Ford lipsticks I’ve tried to-date.

This lipstick is from the Ultra-Rich lip colour range and is possibly one of the creamiest formulas I’ve ever come across in a lippy. It is rich in texture, thick without being too thick, and has the most luxurious feel, more-so than most other lipsticks I’ve tried this year.

Aside from the fab formula, the shade is a gorgeous raspberry pink; my perfect kind of berry shade, with incredible pigment and great colour pay off. Initially from looking at it, I thought it would be more red than berry, but was so happy to discover the raspberry tone once I applied it.

The creamy formula makes it very easy to apply and blend, and it layers up to give a rich, deep colour that I just love. As with all Tom Ford lipsticks however, you really don’t need to apply much at all because the pigment is so good.

You may recall in some of my Tom Ford posts, I’ve questioned whether or not they are really worth the hefty €49 price tag. They are gorgeous of course, and I’ve been lucky enough to get mine as gifts from my family, but €49 is a lot to spend on a lipstick unless you absolutely adore it.

However, after wearing this shade today, I think I can safely say I will happily spend €49 on this shade again – I love it that much! Plus, I’m feeling very under the weather with the flu and this was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up today!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; never underestimate the power of a great lipstick to make you feel amazing!

Have you splurged on a Tom Ford lippy yet?! If so, I’d love to hear all about it.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 358 | Tom Ford Sheer Lip Color in Shade 23, Leigh

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had the most incredible day spent with family and loved ones. We had a very special day with our families, enjoying what is going to be our last Christmas as just us two before bump arrives.

Obviously, a day as special as today calls for a very special lipstick, and because of that I’ve turned to my old friend Tom Ford for some Christmas cheer.

Today’s shade, Leigh, is a Christmas present from my mum, and I’m absolutely in love with the salmon coral shade. The finish is sheer so it’s different to other Tom Ford lippies I’ve tried up to now, but it’s still as gorgeous nonetheless.

Though it’s described as sheer, it isn’t too sheer at all in my opinion, and still gives a lovely medium to full coverage to the lips. The pigment is gorgeous as with all Tom Ford lipsticks, and the colour pay off is equally as good too.

The texture is creamy and very moisturising, it feels very luxurious to wear, and the staying power is very good for a sheer finish. The minute you apply this you can feel your lips becoming softer which was well needed today, and though my lips are a little dry, it didn’t effect the application at all.

Though I’d usually opt for a shade like this in spring or summer, I just loved wearing it today and it matched my Christmas dress perfectly too. It’s definitely one of my favourites of the year!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 279 | Tom Ford Lip Colour in Shade 27, Bruised Plum

Tom Ford lipsticks have become a firm favourite over the past few months, ever since I got given a few as presents for my birthday. I’ve grown to adore both the pigment and creamy formula, and can clearly understand why they get the rave reviews that they do.

I’ve tried several different shades from this range including True Coral and Cherry Lush, both of which I really loved, but today’s shade, Bruised Plum, is ny most autumnal shade so far.

The shade is a stunning rich plum shade, dark and sultry, and I just adore the dramatic look it gives to my makeup. We were at a wedding all day and this was the perfect accompaniment for a cold crisp day.

The formula of these Tom Ford lipsticks is very creamy with a slightly satin gloss finish, but there was a part of me that wished the finish of this had been more matte than gloss. There’s something about a matte finish with shades like this that make them feel even more dramatic, and I think the staying power may have been slightly better with a matte too.

Now don’t get me wrong, the staying power is pretty good anyway, and the pigment is obviously intensely gorgeous too, but for the day that was in it, I think a matte would have taken it to a whole other level.

With regards price point, I’m still not convinced about the €48 price tag. Yes these lipsticks are gorgeous, yes they feel lovely to wear; but there are some other options on the market that come pretty close to these and cost a lot less. For example, MAC’s Hang-Up is half the price but a very similar shade and just as nice.

I think I’ll always love Tom Ford lippies because they just feel so luxurious to wear, but you’ve really got to love the shade to part with the cash!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challennge Day 269 | Tom Ford Lip Colour in Shade, Smoke Red

Today’s lippy shade is a gorgeous raspberry red from Tom Ford, and one that I got as a mini sample with the lipsticks I got from my Mum for my birthday. Firstly, I am totally in love with this mini size packaging, I mean, have you ever seen a cuter lipstick?!

Apart from the packaging which basically had me at hello, this shade is the kind of shade I love. Though it is called Smoke Red, to me the shade is definitely more of a raspberry as it has a very slight pink undertone to it.

The formula, as with all these lippies from Tom Ford, is smooth, creamy and very moisturising. The pigment is rich and bold, and the formula is very blendable and easy to apply.

The finish is a slight satin gloss, not shiny, but does give a nice sheen to the lips. The lasting power is very good for a satin finish, but not as long lasting as a matte or cream as you would expect.

I’ve become so in love with Tom Ford lipsticks since I tried my first one back in August, but as they are ridiculously expensive, it was nice to have this mini freebie to add into my collection.

Have you tried a Tom Ford lippy yet? If so then let me know your thoughts – over rated or worth every cent?!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 248 | Tom Ford Lip Color in Shade 10, Cherry Lush

It’s no secret that I am totally in love with Tom Ford lipsticks. I tried my very first one back in August when I got some as a present for my birthday, and it’s been love ever since.

Today’s shade, Cherry Lush, is less of a cherry shade in my opinion; it’s much more of a deep, raspberry pink so the name here is a little deceiving if you expect a red tone like I did. However, the shade is so divine that I really didn’t mind, and loved every minute of wearing it.

The richness of Tom Ford pigments is one of the things that really sets these apart from some other brands, and the colour pay off is equally as good. A little goes a long way, and wearing them is such a treat because they are just so moisturising on the lips.

There’s nothing I love more than a versatile beauty product, and that’s one thing that this lipstick definitely is. I wore this all day in the office, then again all night for a date night to see David Gray with my hubby. I just love how a quick outfit change can give a lipstick a total new feel, and similarly, how a good lippy can lift any outfit. 

My only one reservation I’ve had with all three I’ve tried, is the €48 price tag. I do feel like it’s very pricey for a lipstick, but, I suppose that you’re paying for the brand here too.

While I wish I could buy every one of the shades in the range, I’ll have to refrain, but now and then I will definitely treat myself because they really are that gorgeous.

Have you invested in a Tom Ford or other very high-end lipstick? I’d love to know so make sure you comment below!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 230 | Tom Ford Lip Color in Shade 09, True Coral

If you caught last week’s Tom Ford post, you will know that it was my first time to try a Tom Ford lippy and I loved it. As it was my birthday, both my hubby and my Mum treated me to a few lippies, and today’s shade is one that my Mum chose for me.

I thought I loved last week’s shade, Wild Ginger, but after trying out today’s shade, True Coral, I realised I love this one even more, if that’s possible.

The shade is my dream coral shade, it is soft, smooth and has an ever so slight salmon pink tone to it which I just adore. It is highly pigmented, deliciously creamy and has incredible colour pay off too.

As if all that wasn’t enough positives, it is also hydrating and moisturising, and leaves your lips feeling super soft throughout the day. The lasting power wouldn’t be the same as that of a matte, but it’s still pretty damn good considering.

I always wondered what a €48 lipstick would feel like, and honestly, it feels so luxurious. I still don’t know that it warrants the hefty price tag, as I really love some other lipsticks that are half the price. BUT, as treats go, this really is one helluva treat!

If you’re a lipstick lover then I think this is definitely one to add to the birthday or Christmas wish list, it certainly is worth trying at least once. Just make sure you absolutely love the shade to make it worth your while!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 222 | Tom Ford Lip Colour in Shade 15, Wild Ginger

It’s my birthday! Of course this year, I had to have some lipsticks on my birthday list and what better lipstick to get than one from Tom Ford.

I have wanted to try a Tom Ford lippy for so long now, but at €48, I just couldn’t justify spending the money when there are so many other lipsticks on my wish list too.

But, thankfully for me, my lovely hubby treated me to some for my birthday and the first shade I’m trying today, Wild Ginger, is exactly my kind of lipstick shade.

Wild Ginger is an orange toned red, and has the most gorgeous creamy finish, not dissimilar to MAC’s cremesheen, although I must admit, it does feel a little more luxurious to wear (that could just be a mental thing though because of its spendy price point!).

The pigment is rich with a full coverage formula that gives a gorgeous pop of colour to the lips and lasts very well throughout the day. I did find I had to reapply after I ate or drank, mostly because the finish has a slight gloss to it, but other than that it stayed in place pretty well.

During the day I was in work then out with friends, and tonight I went for a lovely birthday dinner with the hubby, and I just loved how versatile this lipstick is for both day and night.

I paired it with a casual blue jumper for my day time antics, then matched it with a coral top for dinner, both of which I think brought out the colour even more.

First impressions are very good which makes me very happy as I had high expectations. I’m still wondering if they are worth the €48 price tag though and I think it will take a few more wears to make the decision.

Luckily however, I now have some more shades to try because not only did my hubby buy me some, but my lovely Mum did too! What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a little Tom Ford luxury, eh?!

Sorcha 💋

Hey There, Tom Ford

I don’t usually share posts like this, but last week I finally got my hands on the most amazing pair of Tom Ford sunglasses which I have been lusting after for over six months now, and I’m just so excited that I’ve decided to tell you all about them.

I’ve wanted to buy a new pair of good sunglasses for a while now, my trusty RayBan’s as much as I love them, are a bit worse for wear, and before they give out on me I thought it best to buy some more.

The sunglasses I got are the Tom Ford Irina’s and they are literally to die for (squeal!) – I just love them. I don’t know about you but I have to try sunglasses on a million times before committing, you know, see how they look with my hair down, my hair tied up, how they feel, all the usual things you consider when buying a pair of sunglasses. And these babies were the first pair I came across that I liked every which way.

One sunny afternoon about two months ago I finally made the decision to splurge and buy them, so off I went into town super excited. But low and behold as I went to pick them up from the shelf they were gone. Gone, vanished, disappeared. I was devastated.

After a frantic conversation with the girl at the counter I discovered that they had only received a limited amount of stock so were sold out, and not only that, but also there was a waiting list for the next delivery, and they didn’t even know when the next delivery was going to arrive because Tom Ford also had a waiting list. Big. Fat. Disaster.

So all Summer I searched for another pair, none quite living up to the expectations I had, leaving me pining for my beautiful Tom Ford’s that got away. That was of course, until last week. Last week when I finally got the call from Brown Thomas to say delivery had been confirmed and they would be back in stock the following day, AND there was a pair available for me. FOR ME. Hallelujah! Thank you sunglasses gods!

Now I know some of you may think this is ridiculous nonsense, getting excited about a pair of sunglasses. And I understand. But I told you, I’m an accessories girl. And you want to know why? Because they fit, they always fit.

I’ve had a turbulent relationship with clothes and fashion all my life, I’ve a curvy shape, new season trends look completely ridiculous on me half the time, and therefore it’s not always easy for me to shop. But I love to shop, and that’s why I love accessories. They absolutely never make me feel bad about myself.

They are just so pretty that I’ve decided to keep them safe until we head off on our travels next month. The first item I can tick off my packing list!

Sorcha x



Oscars 2016 – My Favourite Looks

It was one of the biggest night’s in fashion as well as film last night, and any fashion lover won’t have been able to resist all the style and glamour that was the Academy Awards red carpet. It’s possibly my favourite fashion night of the year (even above the Met Gala) and I managed to keep myself awake until 01.30am Irish time to catch a glimpse of all this year’s celeb looks.

The Oscars are the crème de la crème of events when it comes to beautiful gowns, and although last night’s dresses weren’t the most stand out looks of all time, I’ve picked out my top three to share with you all.

Not dissimilar to earlier award season events this year, rich sequins, golds and whites were donned by many female stars, with sultry eyes and nude lips dominating the red carpet also.

Here’s a look at my Top Three looks from the night:

Cate Blanchett

Cate’s beautiful Armani Privé Seafoam coloured gown was the last dress I saw before falling to sleep last night and my first thoughts were yes. Just yes! The seafoam colour which is like a soft aqua shade, is just gorgeous on Cate and her hair and makeup is understated and classy.

Image: EOnline (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP )

A soft grey mixed with what appears to be a hint of purple eyeshadow compliments the subtle pop of lavender that runs through Cate’s gown and her soft lip finishes the look of perfectly. This is just beautiful and elegant all round in my opinion.

Margot Robbie

Margot has been on fire this awards season and last night was no different in this ultra sexy gold Tom Ford number. This girl just screams Oscar Glam with this look and the shape of this dress is super flattering on her enviable figure.

Her soft waves, again paired with light makeup, is the perfect accompaniment to this gorgeous gown.

Saoirse Ronan

To me this is Saoirse’s best look of the year so far, without a doubt. And it was also my favourite look of the night (not just because she is Irish!). This rich green colour is just to die for on her skin tone and I’m in love with this charcoal smokey eye and soft hair combination.

Image: EOnline (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP )

I was a little thrown by the mismatched earrings at first, but hey, if you can pull it off as well as Saoirse can then why not?!

So what do you think? Who was your best dressed on the night? I do have to say that Olivia Munn and Jennifer Garner both looked pretty fab too.

I finally got my hands on the new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette over the weekend so I’ll be recreating some of these makeup looks over the next few days. Make sure you keep an eye on the blog so you don’t miss out.

Unfortunately it’s now time for me to come back down to earth and get ready for a very normal Monday in work!

Hope you all have a great one.

Sorcha x