Why I Love Being a Woman

Given that yesterday was International Women’s Day, it got me thinking about all the things I love about being a woman. Like I said in my post yesterday, we’re pretty great really and it’s so important that we recognise and celebrate each other.

I’m your typical girly girl, I love beauty and shopping, I love long boozy lunches with the girls and a good gossip. But I’m also someone who has worked hard to get a great education, forge out a path for myself and get good job. I’m outgoing and inquisitive, talkative and curious, understanding and challenging. I’m open and honest, I’m strong minded and sensitive. This is probably the thing I love most about us women, namely that we can be many things, all at the same time.

I love that I am part of a group of people who stand up for what they believe in, who fight to make their mark on the world. I love that I come from a family of strong women and learned a great work ethic from my Mother and Grand Mother. I love that I can talk Politics and celeb gossip in equal amounts. I love that I can work hard everyday to contribute something to the economy and forge out a path for myself. I love that I can experiment with makeup, and get excited about shoes and handbags. I love that nice clothes and pretty things make me happy. I love that I can dance around my bedroom to cheesy 80s music and not take life too seriously. I love that I can hopefully have children one day and raise strong women. I love that I can be married and have a career at the same time. I love that I can be me.

In many respects we are women still living in a man’s world. We’re still fighting for equal pay, we’re still fighting to have both careers and families. But the tides are changing, it’s slow, but it’s changing.

So ladies today I raise a glass to you, and all the women out there that have paved the way for me. Let’s continue to pave the way for all the wonderful women to come.

It’s all about standing together.

Here are just some of the strong women who I love and admire…

Sorcha x

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day ladies!

To celebrate this great day, I’ve put together a few of my favourite quotes and meme’s about us women. We’re pretty great really, and sometimes we don’t get enough credit for being so.

This morning in work we gave all the ladies a single white rose each to represent friendship, women standing together with women, having each others backs and being a forces to be reckoned with. It’s all about empowering and respecting each other today and I love that. We shouldn’t need a ‘day’ to do it, I would hope we all do it as much as we can everyday, but it’s nice all the same having a dedicated day to take stock and recognise.

Tonight my Mum and I are going for a bit of pampering, what better way to enjoy the day. How will you be marking the day?

Whatever your plans, let’s all celebrate each other today, and acknowledge how great we are! 🙂

Sorcha x

DVF – Love Diane

If you’re a DVF fanatic like me, you’ll know that Diane Von Furstenberg signs everything off with Love, Diane. However, for the purposes of this post, I am playing around with the punctuation and changing it to Love Diane. Because I do, I love her!

I love what she stands for, her freedom of spirit, her ambition, and her love for life. ‘The Woman I Wanted to Be’, her latest memoir, was one of my favourites, if not favourite, read of 2015 and just further fuelled my admiration for her. If you love fashion and haven’t read this, it’s a must by the way.

I own several DVF items from dresses, to blouses, to bags; even my iPhone covers are DVF! Everything I wear of hers just feels good on, particularly as I sometimes find it difficult to get good tailored clothing to suit my curves. Her clothes just fit so well, oh, and are always the size they say they are on the label. None of your teeny versions of sizes here, joy!

Anyway, I recently purchased this little beauty which I’ve been saving in its pretty packaging for a rainy day. This always happens me! I buy lovely things then don’t want to use them so they don’t get worn. Does anyone else do this or am I just a weirdo? Anyone?!

Anyway, I finally decided this week it was time to take it out to play. Isn’t it cute?

Sorcha x